Monday, July 4, 2016

PCG's Reliance on Melanie Phillips Exposed Again

As mentioned in a previous post PCG's leaders are very dependent on a British right wing columnist named Melanie Phillips. They have quoted her numerous times since 2000. Gerald Flurry once praised her as "an excellent British commentator". The late Ron Fraser praised her as "feisty", a "paragon of British political incorrectness" and an "admirably politically incorrect commentator". Brad MacDonald praised her as "brave", a "clear thinker" and "one of the bravest, smartest, most rational and articulate journalists of our age." As far as I know they have never bothered to criticize anything they have chosen to quote from her.

More evidence of the PCG leadership's dependence on her may be seen in the following tweet by Richard Palmer.

Once again the PCG leadership reveals their dependence on this columnist.

Of course she cannot be blamed that some organization based in Edmond, Oklahoma chooses to take her so seriously. This post is not about her, it is about the PCG leadership exploiting her writings to make themselves seem knowledgeable about world affairs. I am not aware of any evidence that PCG's leaders have had any personal contact with her.

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