Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stephen Flurry Compares Trump and Reagan

So the Republican National Convention in Cleveland nominated Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States. PCG's Stephen Flurry decided to discuss this in a recent broadcast of his. (Stephen Flurry, Is Donald Trump the Next Ronald Reagan?, The Trumpet Daily, July 25, 2016.)

Scare Mongering About the Border

Stephen Flurry absurdly implies that the US government has neglected to make barriers at the borders.
Well they're building some big barriers around the Democratic Convention coming up tonight in Philadelphia. They've gotta do that to protect those attending at that the Convention. No need for barriers at the borders however. That's been the policy of the US government for now, I guess, for decades. (0-1 minutes.)
He implies that the federal government believes that there is no need for barriers at the border. This is complete nonsense. There is a border with Mexico already. It is well staffed and maintained. Airports are monitored. Passports and documents have to be presented before entering. How can Stephen Flurry say something like this?

Demonizing Muslims Again

Talks about violent incidents in Germany. Once again getting PCG members used to fear and loath Muslims. It is mentioned that two incidents were committed by Syrians and another was committed by a German-Iranian. PCG has a long history of demonizing Muslims. This continues that trend.

Turmoil in Democratic Party

Chuckles at the turmoil within the Democratic Party. (12 minutes.)

Speculates that Russians might have been behind the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails.

Moans that so many young Americans were attracted towards Senator Sanders. This is used to denigrate institutions of education outside of PCG's control.

Red Baiting the American Left

Stephen Flurry complains that Sanders has shifted the Democratic Party to the left.

Shouts that many members of the Democratic Party are sympathetic to Sanders' views. (17 minutes.)

At one point he vilifies Senator Sanders' supporters, somewhat awkwardly, as "the radical left within the radical left party. The more radical left you could say." (18 minutes.)

Cites a red baiting article by Gerald Flurry which slurs the Democratic Party as being like the Communist Party imitating Senator McCarthy. (19 minutes.)

Complains that the "radical left" have been in control of educational institutions for the last two generations at least. This conveniently denigrates the competition to PCG's unaccredited college. (19-20 minutes.)

Talks about communism in order to demonize the Democratic Party. This is a typical McCarthyite tactic. (20-21 minutes.)

Insists no candidate can make America great again. (21-22 minutes.)

Talks about Reagan. He insists that he would be perfectly happy for America to be great again since he is himself an American but implies it cannot happen. PCG and the COGs have continuously insisted that the United States will soon be defeated and cast into exile by some European power since the 1930s. These dire predictions have always failed.

He states that he gets emotional hearing Reagan's speeches.

There is an ad complaining that the American society is no longer as religious as it should be. It advertise Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry's 1998 booklet, Character in Crisis, which was written in response to the impeachment of that time against President Clinton. That booklet was discussed in a previous post.

Brexit Discussion

Talks about the Brexit referendum. States that British stations did not approve at first but now that the referendum had occurred it was re-taped and broadcast in Britain getting over 200 responses.

Trump and Reagan Compared

Begins talking about Trump at the Republican National Convention. (27 minutes.)

Complains that the media describe Trump's speech as dark and scary. States that Trump's supporters saw no problem with Trump's speech. Cites an American Thinker post to essentially defend Trump's speech.

Mentions how some compare Trump with Reagan.

While comparing Reagan and Trump it so happens that Stephen Flurry often compares the Carter and Obama Administrations as being alike in being terrible and performing badly and disastrously. Considering how right wing PCG's 1% are it is not surprising that PCG's 1% would be so fervently opposed to the Carter and Obama Administrations alike.

Plays a recording of Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence comparing Trump with Reagan. (32 minutes.)

Stephen Flurry complains that the "more conservative wing" of the Republican Party has "been pretty much left out" by Trump. He includes Senator Cruz as part of this rejected faction. (32 minutes.)

States that Pence previously endorsed Cruz but is now with Trump. (33 minutes.)

The above comments seem to indicate that PCG now wishes Cruz was president.

States that "Make America great again" was derived from Reagan.

Seems to chide Trump for stating that he made deals making money.

Plays a recording of Trump promising to protect LGBTQ people from Al Qaeda like extremism and complimenting the Republican audience for applauding this statement. Stephen Flurry lightly chuckles about the Q part of the acronym, namely Questioning. PCG, like the other COGs, have a long history of demonizing such people. This has the effect of distracting their followers from the problems among themselves. (36 minutes.)

Plays a recording of Trump stating that he would stop companies from outsourcing their factories at the expense of American workers. Stephen Flurry condemns this as an over extension of Presidential power seemingly failing to understand how some American workers worry about losing their employment and would welcome someone trying to stop such thing. Stephen Flurry never had to worry about his factory shutting down. (37 minutes.)

(But on the other hand Trump on November 10, 2015 stated that wages for workers were too high.)

Plays a recording of Trump saying that he understands the system better than anyone else.

Condemns Trump's "arrogance" in claiming to be the only one who can fix the system. (39 minutes.)

Condemns Biden saying that an election is to save the world. Stephen Flurry condemns this. (40 minutes.)

Portrays Democratic Party presidential candidates as outlandishly promising to save the world and being compared to the Messiah. He mentions Biden, Obama and writers in the media in this matter. He condemns them saying only (PCG's) God can save the world.

Plays a recording of Reagan calling for the return to "traditional American values." (45 minutes.)

Plays a recording of Reagan to insist that when America is weak the dictators become emboldened. (50 minutes.)

Stephen Flurry shouts that Reagan promoted Americans working together by embracing traditional values instead of relying on the power of the state. (51-52 minutes.)

Plays a recording of Reagan holding a moment of silent prayer in his speech at the Republican National Convention. (53 minutes.)

Stephen Flurry says, "After that silent prayer God blessed America." (54 minutes.)

Stephen Flurry then reaches the point of this segment of the broadcast by saying that Reagan and Trump are very different from each other. The clear implication is that Stephen Flurry views Trump as unworthy of his support.

Mentions that Nancy Reagan met HWA once and mentions President Reagan's condolences to WCG after HWA's death in 1986. It is conveniently left unstated that Reagan belonged to a church which worshipped and Sunday which, according to PCG and the COGs, is the mark of the beast. (55-56 minutes.)

And the broadcast ends.

One wonders why he did not bother to talk about the last President Bush.

Today PCG's 1% do not like Trump and they have expressed their displeasure that he is the Republican candidate for the presidency. But it was not always like this. At first PCG's discussion of Trump seemed rather sympathetic as late as January 2016. But starting around March 2016 they turned against him. They don't like him anymore.

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