Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Palestinian Homes in Silwan Demolished

PCG loves boasting about their participation in archaeological excavations in Jerusalem. They give so much affection for artifacts buried in the ground. As precious as they are, do PCG members there give similar thought to the people living there?

Near the excavation site lies Silwan, a suburb of East Jerusalem predominantly inhabited by Palestinians. Several homes belonging to some of these Palestinians in Silwan had just been demolished.
JERUSALEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli bulldozers escorted by Jerusalem municipality inspectors and Israeli police stormed two Jerusalem-area Palestinian neighborhoods of Silwan and Beit Hanina on Tuesday morning and demolished at least seven structures for lacking the required Israeli-issued permits.

In Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, bulldozers demolished several structures belonging to the Abu al-Hamam and Abu Tayih families.

One of the owners, Arafat Abu al-Hamam, told Ma’an that Israeli forces demolished a single-room house measuring 36 square meters and three stores measuring 75 square meters each. The structures, he said, were built eight years ago. (Ma'an News Agency.)


  1. I believe they should help these Palestinians find a nice place to live.

    On the other hand I wouldn't mind if they would raze the entire area of Silwan to the ground.

    I have seen 1920 pictures of it and there were NO houses. Now it is an illegal city built on an important archeological site.

    I personally value science more than the right of palestinians OR jews to live on an archeological site as important as the original Jerusalem. But again they should find a nice decent place for the nice palestinian people living there for the past 40 years or so.

    Besides when the land of
    Silwan was still empty it was bought privately by the Rothchidt family. So actually it is privately owned. No Palestians or Jews should live their as long as the original Jerusalem (Jebusite stronghold) is properly excavated.

    I am not against Palestinians. I am against people living illegally on an important site.


  2. Redfox,

    I am the type of person that would raze your house to the ground if I knew an exceptional dinosaur skeleton was to be found underneath a native american burial site under your house.

    I would compensate you of course. But I am more inclined to the progress of knowledge than personal emotions. I do apologize and I promise to not investigate where you live as to minimize the chance of conflict. I do hope you live in an interesting place though,


  3. Opinionated,

    Well, you're right. 30-50 thousand people is a lot of people. To appease you somewhat. I would not do unto another that what I would not ask of myself. So I personally would sacrifice my house if something archeologically unique is to be found underneath it. Of course as I stated I would like to be compensated in full. (if I hold legal rights to the property of course, but I believe so, I signed the papers myself)

    I realize it is a scary thought but I hold the furtherance of knowledge above any private claims. But that is an opinion and you are entitled to another.

    If your lashing is about my presentation skills. Well that has been done before to detract from the contents. As a matter of fact I have stated before that I present my statements this way on purpose. It scares away the opinionated on very difficult subjects and introduces facts that are nice to investigate for the curious.

    The rest are all facts. The Rothschildts buying the land in the 1920's. It being empty land not so long ago. Huge structures underneath the City of David instead of Redfox's claim of an insignificant little village. (At the time Rome was just 7 little hill towns.)

    Of course I fully support Redfox's intention in his posting. That is that people should be cared for. But I do find it a shame the current people living there are turning important archeological sites into a trash dump. But that is an opinion and you are free to have another of course.

    btw I am fully aware of the political quagmire these archeological digs comprehend. I mean Netanyahu was holding up a seal found there in front of the entire assembly of the United Nations 4 years ago. I am not engaging here in a political debate. I favor archeology.