Monday, July 11, 2016

PCG Exploits Dallas Massacre to Spread Paranoid Fears of a "Race War" Against Whites

On July 7 a murderous gunman went on a deadly shooting rampage murdering five innocent police officers in Dallas, Texas in the largest loss of life of US police officers since 9/11. He was later found and killed after he refused to surrender to the authorities.

There are many ways one could respond to this terrible crime. Unfortunately but predictably PCG's 1% chose to exploit this dreadful massacre to scare monger about a future "race war" that they have been scare mongering about since the LA riots of 1992 if not earlier. They teach that in the near future African Americans will launch a series of riots against the white majority all over the United States during the Great Tribulation. (See previous post: PCG's False Prophecy of "Race War".)

PCG's heir apparent, Stephen Flurry, wrote an article seeking to slur Black Lives Matter protesters with the horrifying massacre committed by one crazed gunman.

In this article Stephen Flurry assumes that there were five perpetrators of the massacre based on reports of the four other arrests. However currently the consensus seems to be that there was only one perpetrator as this BBC News report indicates.
the man accused of killing five police officers in a gun attack during a protest rally in Dallas, acted alone, officials believe.
"We believe now the city is safe," Mayor Mike Rawlings said. ...
Dallas police chief David Brown and US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson also said the gunman appeared to have acted alone, although Texas Governor Greg Abbott said police would "continue down every rabbit trail... ensuring that we eliminate any other possible suspects or co-conspirators".
Officials on Friday had spoken of a co-ordinated attack by at least one other sniper.
Three other suspects were arrested after the shootings but no details have been released about them. (BBC News, July 9, 2016.)
With that correction in mind let us now look at Stephen Flurry's article. It is named "War on Police in Dallas" (July 8, 2016).
America’s law enforcement officials are under attack. The massacre in Dallas is only a snapshot of what the Black Lives Matter movement and others are advocating.
What a vicious and venomous slur this is against protesters who wanted to bring attention to the problem of police violence. Who advocated committing a massacre of police officers? How is protesting about abuses of power by police officers the same as calling for a massacre? This is a venomous accusation against a non-violent protest movement. He is in error.
To a growing number of these protesters, while black lives might matter, the lives of law enforcement officials do not. But expect the major media to bend over backwards creating a story line that says these killers were in NO WAY connected to Black Lives Matter.
There appears to have been only one murderer. It pays to refrain from making definitive statements about things that are unclear. It is wrong to blame protesters for the demented and bloodthirsty actions of one crazy man.

The fact that many African Americans are worried that their loved ones might be killed and protest against the killings of African Americans by police personnel seems of little concern to Stephen Flurry. Instead protests against police brutality are simplistically portrayed as bloodthirsty rebellions.
Just look at what has been building over the years: In Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri, protesters chanted, “Kill the police” and “We’re ready for war.” In Minnesota, they chanted, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” In Chicago, it was, “When I say ‘oink, oink,’ you say ‘bang, bang.’”
First of all he was not at those disturbances so he is relying on other sources in making these accusations. If Stephen Flurry wants protests to stop then he should help make African Americans be safe and secure in society.

Stephen Flurry did not bother to note in this article that Black Lives Matter leaders condemned the massacre.
Leaders of the Black Lives Matter organisation have condemned the Dallas killings.... (BBC News, July 9, 2016.)
Stephen Flurry and others among PCG's 1% have been insisting since 1992 that African Americans will soon launch a wave of riots against the white majority in the United States. So they are biased to viewing events that to them seem to confirm that such a thing is about to happen. Inconvenient facts such as Black Lives Matter's condemnation of the massacre are not allowed to get in the way of the story. But this bizarre racist fantasy will never come to pass.
Should the Dallas attack really come as a surprise to anyone? As the New York Times (and others) reported, that attack occurred “during a demonstration protesting shootings by officers in Minnesota and Louisiana this week.” What happened Thursday night was payback.
What happened Thursday night was that a very mentally unbalanced man went on a deadly rampage. It is wrong to insinuate that non-violent protests against acts of deadly violence as bearing some sort of collective responsibility for the massacre. Only the gunman bears responsibility for the massacre.
According to the [New York Times], “The police believe four suspects coordinated the attack with rifles, Police Chief David O. Brown said, and positioned themselves in triangulated locations near the end of the route the protesters planned to take.”

One of the gunmen, [name of murderer], was killed in a standoff with police in a parking garage shortly after the shooting. Before dying, Johnson told police he was upset over a recent string of police shootings against blacks and “wanted to kill white people—especially white police officers.” Police are investigating three other suspects.
As mentioned above the consensus now seems to be that there was only one perpetrator.

Only the gunman bears responsibility for the massacre.
The day after the attacks, the motives were quite clear: They wanted to kill white people—especially white police officers. It’s all about payback for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray—all cases where the white police officers have been acquitted and/or exonerated.
Again there appears to have been only one perpetrator.
Be sure to read my father’s May-June 2016 Trumpet article “The Real Agenda Behind Black Lives Matter.” He explains how this movement is essentially a reincarnation of the Black Panther organization from the 1960s and 1970s—a movement glorified during this year’s Super Bowl half-time show.
One man committed the vile massacre. It is wrong to slur a protest movement that arose in response to acts of violence against African Americans by police personnel as somehow bearing responsibility for it.

Stephen Flurry then quotes a Black Lives Matter activist and President Obama and ends his article with these words.
This is the kind of rhetoric that incites race riots and war. The carnage in Dallas on July 7 was only a tiny snapshot of what the Bible prophesies for the latter days.
There are many things one can say about the frightful massacre in Dallas. But it is not a sign that PCG's false prophecy of "race war" is about to happen. That false prophecy is nonsense and it will never come to pass. It is shameful that Stephen Flurry and others among PCG's 1% should dare use this frightful massacre to prop up this bizarre, racist dogma of theirs.


Then there are the comments. The comments speak for themselves.

Here's one comment the writer of which decides to complain that women may soon be ruling over both the United States and Britain.
There surely is an evil power orchestrating all this as America continues to be under attack. It’s interesting that since the Dallas shootings, all the media attention has been diverted from Hillary Clinton’s email problem—no one is talking about it anymore. Could we be soon looking at a woman ruling over Manasseh while, simultaneously, another woman takes over as prime minister in Ephraim?
And what is wrong with having women entrusted with such political authority?

Another comment makes the paranoid and absurd speculation that this could lead to a "civil war" in the United States.
Where is this going?
1941 - Japan attacks Pearl Harbor - Public outrage allows US government to go to war against Japan etc.
2001 - 9/11 attacks - Public outrage allows US government to go to war in the middle east.
2016 - Civil violence in the US - Public outrage allows US government to go to Civil War. People, cities, the nation burns = Bible Prophecy in action. Sigh and cry!

As Mr. Gerald Flurry says, today the problem lies with the people and their severe lack of love for God, law, justice and their neighbors.
One commenter seems to just complain about President Obama.
Mr Obama truly is dividing the nation, bringing it further and further into a cesspool of anarchy before he leaves office. It’s a right disgrace.
One commenter, who I suspect regularly sends letters to PCG's recruitment magazine, chooses to belittle the protesters' speaking out about the problems of racism directed specifically against African Americans.
GOD’S hashtag: #All lives matter!
One commenter says that Satan was cast to Earth in 1986 and this is used to explain the problems in the United States. Only PCG teaches that particular doctrine among the COGs. The other COGs tend to view this as something to occur in the future. This person is quite likely a PCG member.
Great article! We just need to remember that back in 1986 a battle in heaven took place and Satan and his demons were defeated and were confined to this earth! The devil and his demons know very well that they have very limited time and as “the god of this world” is influencing humans in a terrible manner! This great article reports one of the results of devil’s influence over the people!
One commenter exploits the problem of black on black violence to belittle those protesting against police violence. The commenter accuses those who protest against police violence of not caring about African Americans who happen to be killed by other African Americans. This commenter cites another person to make the inflammatory and paranoid assertion that there is "a war on law enforcers."
This is not surprising and it’s all connected to the same movement. Black lives matter, ONLY when the killer is a white police officer or a white civilian, but it DOESN’T matter when it’s blacks-killing-blacks. It all started with a road rage attack on an off duty police officer, by a hot-headed motorist and escalated to the attacks on the Dallas police officers. As Milwaukee, WI Sheriff David Clarke said during the last police brutality case, that these anti-police advocates are waging a war on law enforcers. He is absolutely right…
Another commenter, who I suspect regularly sends letters to PCG's recruitment magazine, seems to praise this paranoid comment.
You are brutally honest! Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks would never approve of thuggish behavior.
One commenter make the paranoid speculation that President Obama is plotting to make a nationalized police force. Who proposed that?
This PROBLEM has a purpose which is the SOLUTION that Obama is planning which is a nationalized police. An accidental or criminal shooting by an officer should never results in so many others being punished.
One commenter claims that he believed that this massacre was a sign that PCG's (false) prophecy of "race war" is about to happen. It is referred to as "the Ezekiel prophecy" because Ezekiel 5 is often cited by PCG's 1% as part of this false prophecy.
When I first heard this story on the news I felt the hair raise on the back of my neck and thought it won’t be long now before the Ezekiel prophecy comes to pass. And if Donald Trump is elected president it will probably happen even sooner. Frightening times we are living in. My only consolation is that we are getting closer to the return of Christ and the foundation of the Kingdom/Government of God over this sin sick world.
It does not matter how much PCG members or readers believe it or how scared they are by this induced phobia. PCG's false prophecy of "race war" will never come to pass.

Incidentally anti-cult author Steven Hassan states that if a group is promoting the fear of race wars it is a sign that the group is a destructive cult.


  1. Redfox,

    If you noticed the stories about shooters here in the USA, all of them have had family attest that they had mental issues the years before their crimes.

    This has nothing to do with race as a societal issue but mental illness. Now blame it on the new generation of drugs or incompetent doctors, perhaps Ronald Reagan from his policies back in the 80's, the facts remain, mentally ill people have a distorted view of reality.

    From what we know of the acog religion, we can put the blame on people like Flurry and company for feeding this distorted twist on reality. They really are a threat to peace in this country and the world.

    Think that last statement is hyperbole? The answer can be found in people like Micheal Rohan.

    Denis Micheal Rohan
    Ushering in the Apocalypse

  2. I have no doubt that mental illness is a most serious problem in connection with this issue. It is good that bring that up.

    Awhile ago I read a really disturbing book entitled Lethal Warriors by David Phillips (2010). It talked all about post-traumatic stress and how debilitating it is for so many who had served in combat. A very sad but vitally necessary book.

  3. While I don't stand behind the BLM, I must say that the PCG's assertion that there will be a "Race war" or some type of "revolution" is nothing new. They'll say anything to get new members/readers. It's really, really pathetic if you ask me. I remember when my mom and I used to subscribe to them. Thankfully, I let my subscription run out around the latter part of 2008, but she allowed them to send her new issues every month up until her mental illness. She also subscribed to the Trumpet weekly. I used to hate it when she read what they wrote before getting into bible study.