Friday, July 22, 2016

PCG Bans Contact with Unbaptized Children of COG Groups

For many years now, since around 2000, PCG has banned its members from having contact with the members of the other COG groups even if they were close family members. But an exception was made for unbaptized children. Even that exception appears to have now been taken away from PCG members. 

The following is from Exit and Support Network.
New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry:

July 22, 2016

My mate has former friends from PCG who have told of a brand new ruling sent down from King Flurry that was announced last Sabbath. Jerry Flurry, in his "omnipotent wisdom," has ruled that now all contact with unbaptized children who have left the PCG is to be terminated immediately.

It has been the policy for years that parents were still allowed to talk to children who have left the PCG only If they were unbaptized. Now Pope flurry has even taken away that small mercy.

The talk amongst the children now affected by this judgment is that this will push many PCG families over the edge and force them to leave or get put out. Others feel that this will put one more nail in the coffin of Flurryism. Flurry is looking more and more like "mad King George" as his actions are ruining the PCG. All of his egomaniacal pipe dreams have come to nothing. The dig in Jerusalem has failed. The PCG radio station broadcast from the Edmond compound has failed. Membership has plummeted since the late 90s and there is almost no growth. Some wonder that in the end all that will be left is a small "Jonestown faithful" secluded on the Edmond compound. --Former PCG member


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    1. So true. PCG's conduct has been so authoritarian.

  2. We've got to remember this is the group that won't allow members who dab a little Neosporin on a cut to take Passover! Other processed chemical combinations that don't spontaneously appear in nature, such as gin or brandy, are apparently perfectly acceptable.


    1. Even though GTA referred to Old Testament Scriptures for the Feast describing 'strong drink', we have to remind everyone that true distillation of spirits did not become available until the 12th Century (A.D.). Therefore, 'strong drink' could only refer to wine.

      "That's (not real) booze brethren."

      Another Armstrong myth decanted.

      It must be dispiriting....