Thursday, July 28, 2016

PCG Ads in Britain (2012)

Here are some ads that PCG produced in Britain back in 2012.

Here is a PCG ad published in Sunday Express from February 12, 2012.

This ad starts with the following words: "Riots. Immigration. An enormous national debt and a tiny military." Is the reference to "immigration" an appeal to xenophobic fears of immigrants?

Here is a PCG ad published in Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Express in February and May 2012.

And so it can be seen that the quote from HWA's 1956 booklet, 1975 in Prophecy, had been used by PCG in their advertising as early as 2012. The source of HWA's quote is not stated in the ad.


  1. And our own wonderful (full color) version of 1975 in Prophecy.

    This is a version we'd like to see advertised in the Sunday Express -- especially some of the comments....

  2. The people reading those newspapers deserve to know what HWA really taught and his many false prophecies. Thanks for the link.