Sunday, May 26, 2013

Is Dave Pack Losing his Mind?

Recently Banned By HWA devoted eight posts to analyzing Dave Pack's latest screed to the other COGs insisting that his organization is far and away the best COG there is and that God is not working through any other human being except himself.

Dave Pack Says COG Members of Other Groups Are Unclean

Dave Pack: All Non-COG People are Infidels

Dave Pack On Vile Rotten Music and Other Filth That COG Members Wallow In Like Pigs

Dave Pack: The Restore Church of God Is God's Temple On Earth and the Dwelling Place of God

Dave Pack: Any COG Minister Coming to the RCG Has To Be Reeducated Before They Can Receive God's Blessings

Dave Pack Damns UCG For Council Report on the Role of Women in the Church 

Dave Pack Says: If you Rejected HWA as Zerubbabel Then You Will Reject Me as Joshua

Dave Pack: My God Is Ready To Strike Down Ministers Who Disagree With Me

To me these posts seem to show a most disturbing turn of mind Dave Pack seems to be undergoing at this moment. Dave Pack seems determined to out do himself in pomposity and wild speculation.

Is he losing his mind?

Thinking you are someone really important and special when you are not is actually a sign of mental illness. Has Dave Pack actually deceived himself with his own propaganda?

I shudder to think what Restored Church of God members have to go through because of this man. He does not show the signs of a stable man. I fear for them.

It is terrible that he has built himself to be such a great man, because this makes it impossible for him to receive correction from other people. So if he makes a mistake no one can advise him to correct himself without being demonized as an unbeliever.

I think Dave Pack's increasing delusions of grandeur are a matter of concern. I fear for RCG members who are under the influence of Dave Pack while he is in a state of mind like this.

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