Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tornado Disaster in Oklahoma City

Recently heard about the terrible tornado disaster in Oklahoma that killed so many people. When I heard that had happened my very first thought was that that is when Gerald Flurry's cult is based. I could not help but think of them. I do not want them harmed in a tornado. I want them to stop dividing families, stop imposing the infamous no contact rule against "Laodiceans" and ex-PCG members, stop making making people scared of using medicine and going to see a doctor.

I shudder to imagine what fear inducing nonsense they will say about this terrible tragedy. So far they have released an article by Jeremiah Jacques which leaves itself to advertizing a booklet peddling fear inducing nonsense.

Exploiting this tragedy to cause people to fear and then using this fear to extract three tithes and offerings from this is of course a terrible thing. The COG leaders, if we take them at their word, seem to think they are doing their duty, but actually such crass behavior only reveals the terrible spiritual decay Armstrongism has thrown itself into. 

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