Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meredith Claims LCG Members in Rebellion; They Should Leave Themselves Before They Are Forced Out

Banned by HWA has the perfect blog title for one blog entry discussing a recent sermon Meredith made.

Rod Meredith Says Jesus Was Filled With Surging, Pulsating, Sexual Lusts and Desires; Who's Sex Drive Was "Bigger Than Any Man's In This Room!" All Because of Real Wheat Germ 

After reading that how can anyone take him seriously?

In the sermon excerpts discussed Meredith at one point claims that some LCG members are in rebellion and if they choose not to obey him, or those who will succeed him after he dies, then they might as well leave before they are ordered to do so. 

Is Meredith still fuming at his followers in LCG for not handing over as much money this year as before? What an immature way to handle that problem.

What an ungrateful attitude Meredith has to people who in many cases have genuinely sacrificed in order to pay three tithes! It is disgraceful how Meredith chooses to lash out at LCG members instead of taking personal responsibility and trying to improve himself and the LCG leadership.

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