Monday, May 27, 2013

The "HWA is End Time Elijah" Doctrine Dates Back to 1966 At Least

In a Banned by HWA post about Dave Pack trying to associate himself with HWA by boasting of getting a RCG member to pay $24,000 to get a Steuben Crystal and claiming possession of it somehow gives him authority over the scattered COG members.

In that post Byker Bob gives the following comment that I feel deserve greater attention:
This guy is a revisionist, who delights apparently in inserting himself fraudulently into the past history of WCG.

The Elijah connection with HWA was alive and well at AC in Pasadena in 1966, the year prior to Dave's arrival on campus. How do I know this? Some of the less reverant amongst the student body, and I immediately picked this up myself, based on some of the sermons and Bible Studies, began calling HWA "Elijah" some times.

A good friend, whose parents were in town visiting, was given car privileges on one particular summer Saturday night. We ended up using it for an awesome joyride seeing some of the pop culture things we'd only heard about throughout the L.A. area. At one point while rounding the corner from Grove to Orange Grove, my bud wondered, as we passed HWA's home if "Elijah was home".

Pack has come up with an Al Goreithm, and is equally shameless!

COG authors have always been terribly vague about when this particular idea first arose within the Radio Church of God/Worldwide Church of God. Now Byker Bob tells us it dates to at least 1966, and it seems it was around even earlier than that.

Of course it is complete nonsense. HWA was a false prophet who made many false prophesies.

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