Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LCG's 20th Anniversary Celebration: Prelude to LCG's Crises

On pages 20-21 of theMarch-April 2013 Living Church News is an article by Jim Meredith detailing the celebration LCG HQ held for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Global Church of God.

It is unjust that the man who enforced Herbert W. Armstrong's divorce and remarriage doctrine, causing the unnecessary termination of many marriages and the destruction of many families, who had eye surgery to save his eyesight while followers were told to avoid doctors or else they might be cast out into nuclear World War III and the lake of fire, who spread many false fear inducing prophesies (that Christ will return in 1975, etc.) and exploited people's fear by getting their three tithes and offerings. That is how Meredith gets his money.

It is not right that a man who has caused so much trouble for what Armstrongites call "God's Church" should be honored and adored in such a manner.

One good thing that self-ordained false prophet Bob Thiel's departure from LCG did was to mar this day for Meredith and his collaborators at LCG HQ. They would not have welcomed his temper tantrum, especially at a time like that.

However since this anniversary celebration LCG seems to also be in a financial crisis caused by LCG members not sending in as much money as LCG HQ anticipated. Maybe seeing Richard Ames hand over that "Baccarat crystal eagle" to Meredith made LCG members realize they did not need to send in so much money to them. LCG HQ has even cruelly disfellowshiped Thomas Baca II, an employee in their TV department. One LCG minister, Rod Reynolds, has resigned. 

Things are far from ideal within LCG, despite what their propaganda tries to tell LCG members.

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