Saturday, May 18, 2013

Map of COGs of the World has released an interactive map of COG congregations all around the world after aggregating the data the various COGs provide on their websites.

Whenever I see maps like these I cannot help but wonder about the Armstrongites out in the Third World.
I see Meredith's cult, LCG, has a congregation in Kalaymyo, Sagain, Myanmar. There is another in Imphal, Manipur, India.

Within Thailand LCG has congregations in Ta Song Yang, Mae Sot and Chom Thong.

If I recall correctly in the pro-Tkach hagiography Called to be Free there is a WCG/GCI minister who states that he spread Armstrongism within Zimbabwe and now hopes that one day he might return there to make clear his renunciation of Armstrongism. Looking at the map it would now appear that most Armstrongites there are now affiliated with UCG or its offshoot, Church of God, A Worldwide Association.

Amusingly, outside of Oklahoma, Flurry's PCG does not appear. This is because
However, there are some big gaps in our data, most notable from PCG, which claims to have 200 congregations across 50 countries without listing a single one, just some PO boxes for regional offices. So outside of Oklahoma, PCG isn’t represented on the map.
What a fitting self inflicted wound to their prestige PCG has given to themselves. Being secretive did not pay for PCG this time. On this map they are practically non-existent. The world would be better off if that were true. It would be good for the many families divided by PCG's vicious 'no contact' rule.

All in all, I would have to say's map is a most welcome addition to our knowledge of the COGs.

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