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Flailing Obama, Rising Saudi Arabia and PCG's Grandstanding: Listening to PCG's Trumpet Daily (June 9)

So Stephen Flurry made a broadcast of The Trumpet Daily. It was broadcast June 9. Let's see what he has to say.

Russia's Power, ISIL's Rampage and Alleged Chinese Hackers

Here Stephen Flurry talks about a press conference President Obama held. Stephen Flurry uses this press conference to fear monger about Russia, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys (ISIL) and hackers he claims are from China. Throughout this segment President Obama is constantly portrayed as hopelessly outmatched and outwitted by his various rivals.    

Many nations are strengthening their ties with Russia.Russia keeps devouring territory and getting more friends. This is claimed to be aligned with several major prophecies. (3 minutes.)

Cites Jacques saying that Putin is trying to gradually advance.

Russia is expanding its empire. (4 minutes.)

China, Iran and Syria are cited as allies of Russia.

He says President Obama does not have a complete strategy about how to deal with ISIL citing a press conference of his.Stephen Flurry uses this to portray President Obama as hopelessly overcome by events and unable to deal with such events properly.

It [ISIL] has been on a role. (7 minutes.)

Strangely enough he never bothers to prove this in this broadcast.

This is then cited to indicate that America is becoming more isolated. Says the US is losing territory in Iraq.
Is Stephen Flurry unaware that Iraq is an independent state?

Cites an article in The Washington Post as saying that the US is only launching twelve sorties a day. This is portrayed negatively. Stephen Flurry then cites several other strikes during other wars such as the Gulf War of 1991 and the campaign against the Milošević regime in 1999.

Stephen Flurry never bothers to state if he thinks such a bombardment would actually work. He never bothers to note that PCG has banned their followers from performing military service.

Says the US "handcuffing ourselves" in being in his opinion too lenient with ISIL.

Claims ISIL is using civilians to prevent air strikes.

Then talks about the cyber attacks. Stephen Flurry assumes it originates from China. 

This is amazing. President acknowledges we are vulnerable. This is why Congress needs to pass legislation. We can't do anything about it. "Hands are tied, I guess."

After a year US still has no complete strategy he says. How long will it take to prevent the cyber attacks? The improvements helped to detect it, not prevent it.

Talks of US military web site hacked by some Syrian group. Where is the will to clamp down on this threat? he complains. The alarm will sound but none will go to battle. It this because the systems are down? Is this because of a computer hack? he says trying to scare people that some horrible thing will soon occur. PCG feeds on peoples' fear. (17 minutes.)

Cites Wall Street Journal. Becoming a threat to individual Americans and national security. This hacking is cited as an example of state actors "waging war". (PCG tends to be very quick to proclaim this or that means war.)

Moans that no one cares about the hacking and that no one is doing anything about Putin's actions towards Ukraine. What is this leading to? All this talk is to eventually lead one to learn PCG's false prophecies and paying the three tithes to Stephen Flurry's PCG.

ISIL on the march. He accuses President Obama of letting Iran fight ISIL.

These are dangerous times. These are dangerous days.

Mockingly talks about most Americans being unconcerned about these developments. (Meaning he is belittling all those who have not joined PCG.) (21 minutes.)

What is not mentioned here is that PCG teaches that President Obama is an Antichrist like figure compared with Antiochus. But this time they choose to portray President Obama as a fool. Why can't they get story straight?

Philadelphia Trumpet Ad (21-22 Minutes)

Ad with lots of British Israelism based PCG jargon fear mongering that Israelite nations are about to be taken over by gentile nations. Advertises for subscriptions for PCG's recruitment magazine.

Boasting of PCG's Progress

Here Stephen Flurry boasts that PCG is making great strides in advancing PCG to make themselves even "greater" than they are now.

He talks about apps for KPCG.

Boasts of 710 listening sessions for KPCG on Friday. (26 minutes.)

Advertises Ryan Malone's show, Music for Life.

Mentions that most broadcasts about prophecy tends to get more attention.

Mentions one program about the law as getting about 76 responses.

Excited to offer his book, Raising the Ruins. Boasts of getting 73 responses.

Another station to be added in Britain. Hopes this will double responses.

We should have a sense of urgency unlike anything we have ever had before. (31)

Advertises new Key of David episode entitled Time of the Gentiles.

[Ad for PCG's Correspondence Course. (33 Minutes)]

Saudi Arabia Rising Up

Just so much going on. Latest news from New York Times. Talks about worse refugee crisis. Talks of eleven million refugees. (Iraq, Syria, Libya and Ukraine). Worse migration crisis since World War II. Insinuates that things worse than World War II could well occur.

Talks about the immigrants who died at sea in the Mediterranean Sea.

Talks about NYPD launching sweep to combat rise of violent crime. 19.5 % rise in murders in New York City since last year.

Cities being burnt with fire. Advertises PCG's recruitment magazine. Fear mongers that Saudi Arabia is threatening to make nuclear weapons to counteract Iran.

Moans that Britain is not spending as much money on military expenses as before.

Says Saudi Arabia has twice as many soldiers as Britain. 150,000 troops in recent action against the Houthis in Yemen. Talks of Saudi Arabia conducting thousands of sorties. Compare that to the twelve per day sorties against ISIL.

This is a flawed comparison. He compares an ongoing campaign with a daily rate in another campaign. He does not mention what the daily rate of sorties in Saudi Arabia's anti-Houthi campaign is. That is not a fair comparison. But how easy it is to miss such flawed things unless one pays proper attention. 

Mocks the listener as not paying attention to these events. He says Satan does not want the listener to listen to his radio station, The Voice. The following quote is just superstitious nonsense. God is not with PCG.
It's easy to just get lost in your own little neighborhood. With all your devices, as valuable as they can be, to tune into stations like this. Of course there's lots and lots and lots of noise out there to distract you. Satan planned it that way. Satan wants you preoccupied with all kinds of distractions. He doesn't want you to focus on The Voice. He doesn't want you to focus on what God is saying. He wants you to focus on things that doesn't matter at all. (39-40.)
Says Saudi Arabia threatening to arm themselves to counteract Iran.

World War is coming he says.

Then Stephen Flurry insists that World War III is about to occur any moment now. Armstrongites have been saying catastrophe is about to occur since the 1930s.

And so this broadcast ends.

More of the same PCG fear mongering all designed to get people paying three tithes to PCG. That's how PCG made $19.5 million back in 2012. And they try to do so again this year.

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