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PCG's Response to Racist Terrorism in Charleston

So PCG has released a broadcast (June 19) by Stephen Flurry of his Trumpet Daily program concerning the horrific racist terrorist attack that occurred in Charleston recently in which nine African Americans were murdered. Let's see what he has to say. Here are some notes I took while listening to his broadcast.

The Racist Terrorist Attack in Charleston

Talks of the mass murder in Charleston. Mentally disturbed young man who wanted to start a "race war". The issue of racism makes this so explosive. Obama says he has had to comment on these so many times. Condemns the address as opportunistic attempt to tighten gun control laws.

Look at the reaction in the liberal press trying to capitalize on this issue to score political points, he complains.

Cites an article from the New York Times by African American woman who migrated from Chicago to Charleston.

The New York Times wants us to know the words the terrorist said. This is a frightening escalation, he says. He says this African American woman is making an explosive charge. He is condemning the alleged escalation by African Americans.
What that shooter said. She wants us to know what that shooter said. The New York Times wants us to know. Speaks for many Americans. I just think it's ... Well it's a frightening escalation. First its the racist police departments all over the United States. Now it's just racist America. White America. You can see this escalating with each of these tragedies. (4 minutes.)
He then continues to read the New York Times article. The following quote is from the New York Times article and is quoted by Stephen Flurry in this broadcast.
The shooter’s reported words to his victims reflect a deep-seated hatred for, and fear of, black people by many Americans. These vitriolic sentiments underscore the way we are stereotyped in the media, demonized and dehumanized by right-wing pundits, policed by law enforcement and terrorized by those who use Stand Your Ground to cut us down without a second thought. (Patricia William Lessane, No Sanctuary in Charleston, New York Times, June 18, 2015.)
After reading that Stephen Flurry says:
Serious charges there. The problem is with the right wing. It's with the police departments. And it with that Second Amendment that needs to be changed. You look at some of the coverage and Dylann Roof isn't the only one in America who is trying to start a race war. Who is trying to cause division. (4-5 minutes.)
Let's think this through. So it seems that Stephen Flurry is accusing this African American woman of trying to start a "race war". It seems that Stephen Flurry is accusing some African Americans of trying to start a "race war".

So even when this monstrous terrorist attack occurred killing nine people, six of them women, three of them over 70 years old, Stephen Flurry, instead of trying to understand what is really happening, apparently fear mongers that some African Americans are trying to start a "race war".

It is fear mongering nonsense to insinuate that African Americans are preparing to go on a rampage against the white majority in some sort of "race war". It is complete nonsense. This is an extremist, ridiculous and fanciful idea that does no good to anyone, not even for the white Americans this paranoia is marketed for. 

(And what is a "race war" anyway? Don't they realize how strange and bizarre they sound when they use that emotive phrase?)

We now continue with Stephen Flurry's broadcast.

This is not God's world, he says. That is loaded language insinuating that life outside of PCG is tainted and wrong with the message being one must join PCG.

Cites Salon article which calls right wing extremists as a terrible danger to America.

In the minds of many the "race war" has already started. (6 minutes.)

Cites Guardian article. If you have listened you will know PCG's stand on this issue. Cites recent Trumpet issue. God is pleading for humanity to reason with him to receive instruction from God.

Cites his father saying "race war" is bound to soon occur.

It is prophesied to explode in our cities, he says.

Cites an article by PCG about the recent hackings. Once again the hackings as inflammatorily described as an act of war. Fear mongers that this shows how vulnerable America's electronic security is. Talks of a cyber Pearl Harbor. Americans ignoring what has happened with the hackings. Says it has destroyed intelligence. These persons are vulnerable to identity theft, blackmail and recruitment.

Stephen Flurry complains that these news are overshadowed by Clinton's announcement of running for President, footage of what happened in McKinley, and (his words) "the admittedly hilarious revelation that an obscure NAACP official in eastern Washington State isn't really black." (12 minutes.)

Why is the scandal in the State of Washington "hilarious" to Stephen Flurry? Partly this is because of how far to the right Stephen Flurry leans to politically. He views the NAACP as too left wing for his tastes. Also he presumably knows that the NAACP would be most scathing towards his PCG if the NAACP was aware of how PCG banns interracial marriage (as may be seen here and here) and how PCG has fear mongered the African Americans will soon go on a rampage against the white majority as PCG has done this since at least 1992 as may be seen in Gerald Flurry's 1992 booklet, The Ezekiel Watchman.

Cites Hilliker talking about this. At least the shooting put "that nonsense" further back in the newspapers.

Fear Mongering About Cyber Attacks

Boasts that his father had prophesied of cyber attacks since the 1990s. Cites an article by Gerald Flurry from 2005 insisting that it is prophesied that there will be cyber attacks against the United States. (12-13 minutes.)

Insinuates there will be total breakdown in cyber security in the future.

Cites a writer. He then reads out an article from National Review, a right wing web site. Politically speaking PCG' leadership are quite far to the right. The National Review article compares present events to 1939

Talks of how Hitler was allowed to proceed as far as he did in 1939. Says America had to be bombed in the war at Pearl Harbor.

Cites an article by Jonah Goldburg, a right wing pundit.

Talks of how Japan had earlier waged over a decade of aggression before the United States entered the war. Once again Stephen Flurry is vilifying Japan. PCG has a long history of demonizing Japan.

Talks of how Mussolini had boasted of taking over the Mediterranean Sea.

Fear mongers that the map of the world is being redrawn. Fear mongers about Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys (ISIL) and Iran. And Russia as well.

Fear mongers that they have already attacked. And so ends Stephen Flurry's reading of the National Review article.

Mocks non-PCG members as not paying proper attention to the hacking.

Cites an article from The Daily Telegraph which stated more than $14 trillion spent on war.

Plenty of other people yearning to start war, not just the shooter in Charleston. (20 minutes.)

Reducing conflict a way to grow the global economy. He quietly laughs that one said something so obvious.

Advertizing for PCG's booklet "We Have Had Our Last Chance". Mentions the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Cites a quote by General MacArthur to insinuate that the world will soon be destroyed by nuclear war. (22-24 minutes.)

Preaching the Armstrongite Millennium

Cites HWA citing an article saying that a strong hand needed to intervene. Says there have been 1500 wars. Cost of $14 trillion last year. Says they are growing and expanding. Cites 1973 Plain Truth article by HWA insisting that unless HWA's teachings are correct then humanity is doomed. This is loaded language

Cites HWA's booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow. Cites Isaiah 2 to say that Jerusalem will be the world capital city during (Armstrongism's version of) the Millennium.

Says humanity cannot solve its own problems. This is loaded language saying there is no hope outside of PCG. (30 minutes.)

Talks of humanity needing the Holy Spirit. No mention is made in this broadcast of the fact that PCG teaches that the Holy Spirit is merely a force from the Father and the Son and not part of the Holy Trinity. Armstrongism is stridently anti-Trinitarian.

Humanity needs the government of God, meaning that all of humanity needs to be subject to the rule of PCG. PCG teaches that will occur after Christ's return.

Talks of how wonderful it will be in (PCG's version of) the Millennium.
No more clashing of wills. No more fighting. Fighting against others. Other nations. No more arguing. No more division and strife. No more mental illness. No more demonic influence. No more discouragement and despair. No more poverty and illiteracy. (33-34 minutes.)
Says after Christ's return all will be well. Says you will see it.

No more rioting and mass murders. All that dysfunction will disappear.

With Jesus Christ and his bride that is the true church faithfully supporting and spread this way of life all over the Earth. (36 minutes.)

Jerusalem to be capitol city of the world. 
Is there any city as divided as that one? Well maybe there are some big cities in America that are about to rival it soon. (37 minutes.)
I can cite one such city, namely Nicosia, Cyprus. In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus and set up a state in Northern Cyprus. No state aside from Turkey recognizes Northern Cyprus and consequently it is not shown on world maps. And Northern Cyprus controls the northern half of Nicosia. Nicosia is divided into two a bit like Berlin during the Cold War and like Jerusalem in 1949-1967. On the other hand all of Jerusalem is controlled by the State of Israel.

Even the animals will miraculously change.

Satan is at war with PCG, he says. This is a thought terminating cliche to silence any criticism of the problems within PCG.

Mentions Mystery of the Ages. There are in fact many problems with that book. (41 minutes.)

If the entire word submitted to PCG's authority all would be well.

Advertises for The Wonderful World Tomorrow booklet. (45 minutes.)

And so his broadcast comes to an end.

Well now we have seen that it seems Stephen Flurry's reaction to the racist terrorist attack in Charleston is to fear monger that some African Americans are trying to start a "race war" which is complete nonsense.

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