Wednesday, June 24, 2015

PCG's Robert Morley Promoting HWA's Anti-Medicine Superstition

Here is PCG's Robert Morley promoting HWA's anti-medicine superstition, a doctrine that has inflicted so much pain and suffering within the COGs. HWA plagiarized this idea from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Many of those who have followed HWA and his imitators have followed HWA's teaching against taking medicines and instead trusting only in HWA's God to heal them believing that anything else would throw them into the Lake of Fire. Many WCG members and its offshoot groups have died because of this doctrine. Alas, this doctrine of death continues to be embraced to this day within PCG.

The following quote may seem innocuous to one unfamiliar with Armstrongism but Morley's quote below alludes to HWA's deadly teaching that he imposed on his followers, namely to abstain from medicine in order to prove one's faith towards HWA's God.

The following is from a 2009 article by PCG's Robert Morley.
An Ironclad Promise
The fact is, the medical industry is woefully inadequate. More pills just cause more problems.

But if modern medicine can’t be relied upon to fix society’s health problems, who or what can be?

There is only one Being who has all the answers: the one who designed and created man in the first place—who created the physical laws by which our bodies function correctly. Following these physical laws eliminates the causes of many of the diseases afflicting people today.

These laws include regulating what and how much we eat and drink, upholding cleanliness and hygiene, getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air, sufficiently and properly exercising, sleeping and resting the right amounts, avoiding bodily injury, and maintaining a positive mental attitude.

In addition, only God has the power to heal you—and in His Word, He has spelled out ironclad promises to heal those who satisfy certain basic conditions. Herbert W. Armstrong expounded upon these in his booklet ... which we offer to you free upon request.
In previous posts we have seen Gerald Flurry promote and even praise this deadly idea as well as Joel Hilliker.

We must not listen to HWA, Flurry, Hilliker or Morley on this matter. Go to the doctor. Take the medicine. Get vaccinated. Get your children vaccinated.

This teaching does not come from the God of the Bible but from men such as HWA, Flurry and Co. It ultimately stems from the Jehovah's Witnesses. We must no heed to this doctrine of death.

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