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Hacking is War, Sanctions Are Good, and It's Not About Racism: PCG's Trumpet Hour (June 15)

So here's another Trumpet Hour broadcast brought to us by PCG in order to try and get more tithes money. This was released on June 15. Let us see what they have to say.

(This broadcast was made before the deadly terrorist attack in Charleston.) 

This episode is hosted by Joel Hilliker. It also features Brent Nagtegaal, Jeremiah Jacques, Richard Palmer and Robert Morley.

Hilliker first speaks. Has World War III already started?

Denouncing Hackings as Act of War

Cites article from PJ Media. That is a right wing news source. This once again shows just how far to the right PCG's leaders are politically speaking. When will they ever bother to note what leftists are saying?

Cites the recent hacking as an act of war. Does Hilliker want war between America and China?

The White House will do nothing if Russia invades Ukraine.

Talks of "small minded men from Chicago".

Complains Obama is trusting people. They do not have a proper understanding of human nature. This is loaded language. It essentially means trusting in anyone outside of PCG as far as I can tell.

Simplistically talks of a "real war" as being conventional war like the World Wars. Guerrilla wars are just as "real" as conventional wars.

Morley says the world plays to one set of rules and America refuses to be realistic about this.

Russia is invading. China will take Taiwan.

PCG Accusing US of Helping Prop Up Iran

Nagtegaal talks of ISIL affiliate taking over a town in Libya. Talks of Egyptian affiliate launching an attack in the Sinai Peninsula. Talks of an article speculating that Syria and Hezbollah are in trouble.

It is asserted that America should keep sanctions in force. It is insinuated that Iran might fall if sanctions remain in force.

Do PCG actually believe this? PCG actually teaches that Iran will be crushed by Europe so contrary to what they say here they believe any efforts by America to contain Iran is doomed to failure.

Hilliker says Nagtegaal is making too much sense. Nagtegaal says people can see this makes sense.

Administration just needs to believe it and it will happen, Hilliker sarcastically says.

Crying Wolf Over German Armaments (Again)

Palmer talks about Greece. Says IMF withdrew from negotiations. Says China has been working with various European countries. Putin met the Pope. Says Putin met just before the crisis in Ukraine began. Palmer says he does not know what was discussed. Says the Europeans not happy over this meeting and says European leaders saying they do not ever want to meet with Putin in the context of a G7 meeting.

Palmer fear mongers that Germany is trying to lead drive to make their own military equipment. Talks of Lockheed-Martin being involved in this.

"Certain German elites" preparing for war. Palmer says most German people do not want to go war with Russia. Palmer says militarism can be sold to the German people as moves for military independence.

Palmer speculates American leaders would prefer Germany being more militarily strong.

Palmer mentions Germany is planning to build a new type of tank. Says this is interesting noting that tanks are not very useful in guerrilla warfare. Palmer says this is a sign of German worried towards Russia.

Armstrongism has long fear mongered that Germany is plotting to conquer America. This merely continues that long tradition.

Rise of China

Now talks about Asia with Jeremiah Jacques (27 minutes).

Jacques says that Chinese military exercizes has caused great concern.

Says nationalism could soon boil over in Asia.

Says Russia planning to build up gold reserves.

Jacques says China is building most extensive global-commercial empire in history. Accuses most reporters of not putting the pieces together. Whole latticework of infrastructure can be seen. Cites an article by Levine. Talks about a re-imagined Silk Road. The idea is just massive. China planning to build new canal through Nicaragua. It is slicing the continent apart. (Never mind about Panama which is never mentioned.)

Jacques accuses the Chinese of having no regard for human rights issues which lets them get more access to various countries.

Hilliker brings up the hackings. Insinuates that the US government also fails to see China's rise all together. Global project. It's everywhere. They're buying up real estate in the United States left, right and center.

The other nations see China's ascension and will respond. Reshaping entire face of Asia. (35)

Jacques cites Napoleon in which he called China a sleeping dragon that must not be woken.

Major events in Asia instilling fear in Asia.

Says Russia and China really moving into Latin America. It is asserted that Europe will not just allow this to occur.

Not About Racism, It Was About "Thugs"

Sometimes Armstrongites are condemned as racists and they wonder why people would call them that. It partly because of what may be seen in the following segment concerning what happened at a pool party in McKinley. It is very revealing about how PCG's leadership view race relations between the white majority and African Americans. (37-43 minutes.)

(This was broadcast before the terrorist attack in Charleston.)

Hilliker talks with Robert Morley. (36 minutes.)

Russia getting serious about moving away from the US dollar.

Chaos in St. Paul's schools.

Talks about the pool party in McKinney. (37 minutes.) Talks of the police officers. Says he was accussed of being a racist. Says other side of the story coming out. It is not about race at all, Morley confidently asserts. 
There's a pool party for a graduation. The community has a community center with a pool. There's about a hundred kids in attendance. And then one of the ... somebody there posted on social media that there's a pool party. And outsiders start arriving at this pool. They're not allowed in because they're from outside the community. It's against the community rules to have more than two guests from outside of the community. That will not ... That's not going to stop these thugs who came into the community. They start climbing over the fence. They start picking fights. Fights break out in there. They assault two security guards. A mother and her daughter are attacked. Chaos starts breaking up. Property's being damaged. (38 minutes.)
So these African Americans are denounced as "thugs" for trying to get into a pool party. He uses the word "thugs" even before talking about the problems he says occurred.

What is one to make of this? That these persons were "thugs" just for entering the community and trying to join a party? He used that word before talking about alleged fights and of some people climbing over the fence.

We now continue. 

Thugs came in and vandalized a dozen cars according to Morley.

Morley says local residents are thankful to the police officers but have received death threats for saying such things.

Not about racism, it was about thugs, Morley says.

Police may have gone overboard, Morley says.

But that issue is not discussed but is instead strongly denied.

Morley says many of the protesters were outsiders who are heavily focused on this issue. 

Who are these people who came in? There are just people trying to stir up trouble trying to blow it up as a race issue. This nation is so primed over this issue. The protesters are outsiders. The media just latches onto anything that proves that there is a racist problem. Says non-factual stories are propagated in the media and by these problems.

Morley cites one person who says this only happened because they were black. 

Morley encourages people to look at the video. He says it proves that it was not about racism.

So to summarize that segment it is clear that Hilliker and Morley are quite anxious to insist that it was not about racism. What racism problem? There is none to be seen, they assert. They do not want to believe that unfortunately many African Americans are forced to endure all kinds of problems that disadvantages them compared to the white majority.

What is not mentioned here is that PCG banns interracial marriage as may be seen here and here. It must be stated that forbidding interracial marriage is racist, very much so. It is absurd to imagine that people like that could possibly have any fair minded view about the dangers and the harm caused by racism.

I would strongly encourage people to look elsewhere about this issue and be weary of accepting what these people far away in Edmond have to say about this matter.

Other Stories

Nagtegaal says US desperate for a deal with Iran. US sent CIA director to Israel to say that it was not necessary for personal inspections of Iran's nuclear power facilities. Cites MEMRI.

Palemr says most Europeans reluctant to fight for other NATO members. Cites survey from Pew. Palmer mentions 1933 Oxford Union declaration saying they would not fight for the nation. This is cited as evidence that

Jacques says Russia and China stepping up cooperation with Central Asia. Strategic partnership. Coordinate their policies. Says West's attempt to isolate Russia has failed really miserably.

Morley says Germany set to become fourth largest share holder in some Chinese bank. China will have biggest share. India and Russia are also major share holders. Morley fear mongers that this bank is a sign that the US is being ignored by allies.

Hilliker talks about a Wall Street Journal article talking about transgender persons in a negative manner.
Transgender persons are like anorexics. An "excellent comparison" Hilliker says.

In this segment Hilliker seems to be unaware of the fact that some people are not quite born either male or female.

At the initial moment of conception every embryo starts as a female. There is a fifty-fifty chance that it will either stay that way or it will change into a male. This change is not like simply turning a switch on or off. It sometimes happens that the hormonal change will start and not go all the way. So these persons are born with features male and female. They do not quite fit in as either male or female. This is not something in their heads. Their bodies are as a matter of fact not quite male or female.

As far as I understand it what normally happens with such persons is that they are assigned a gender, usually female, and are then raised that way. And of course these persons are just as precious, wonderful and valuable as any other people.

But Hilliker seems to be unaware that these things happen. Here he seems to be talking about surgery. He seems to be unaware that there are people who do not quite fit in as being either male or female and so never brings up that issue in relation to sex reassignment surgery. 

And so the broadcast comes to an end. More of the same fear mongering that PCG lives on again.

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