Friday, June 26, 2015

PCG's Disdain for the UN, IMF and World Court

From the June 19, 2015 episode of PCG's Trumpet Hour.

While talking about Pope Francis' recent encyclical about the challenge of climate change the following revealing exchange among the hosts of PCG's Trumpet Hour occurs. (This occurs 15 minutes into the broadcast.)
Joel Hilliker: Gentlemen, any thoughts? We have a Pope who's interested in giving more power to international bodies. And you look at the power international bodies have today. I mean what are we talking about? The United Nations. The International Monitory Fund. The World Court in the Hague. How much legitimacy do these institutions have?

Robert Morley: Not a lot.

[They then laugh.]
Do they think the United Nations is just a joke? Do they think the IMF is just a joke? Do they think the World Court is just a joke? They certainly have far more legitimacy than PCG could ever hope to have.

This clearly reveals the contempt and disdain PCG's leaders have for such important international institutions.

Politically speaking PCG's leaders lean very far to the right. (I do not condemn PCG for being right wing but it is important we understand that they are right wing.) Within the far right of American politics there has long been intense fear and loathing of international institutions such as the United Nations often accompanied with paranoid fears that the US will somehow lose its sovereignty to it or that the United Nations is some sort of plot to create a "one world government". PCG's contempt for these international institutions echos such views.

How different this attitude is from Jesus' relations with governmental authorities.

It seems that PCG's leaders are drunk with the power they have over their followers so it would seem they have a hard time imagining why it is necessary to follow rules created by constituted authorities. They live off of the tithes and offerings their followers give them. There seems to be no accountability among PCG's ministers among themselves. So no wonder they disdain the United Nations and other such bodies.

(Now I can understand why one would be worried about and concerned about the social impact of the IMF but, let's be serious, they won't be going after the United States anytime soon. Although PCG's leaders often say the United States is bankrupt this is complete nonsense.)

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