Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PCG's Robert Morley's Backhanded Compliment to Charleston Victims

Here is PCG's Robert Morley praising how the people of Charleston responded to the racist terrorist attack that occurred recently.

But even when praising them Morley cannot help but bring up the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. He talks of those riots as though it is normal and to be expected of African Americans when in fact those riots were unusual. Most of the protests since this wave of activism started in 2012 following the shooting to death of Trayvon Martin have been peaceful. Rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore have been the unfortunate exceptions, not the rule.
The response by this church, the victims, the family members and the people of South Carolina has really been just a breath of fresh air. We didn't have the riots that we saw with things that happened in Ferguson and Baltimore. We didn't see the protests burning down the businesses. This really shows the way to peace in race relations. And it's really commendable. (13-14 minutes.)
Robert Morley has a long history of promoting PCG's false prophecy that African Americans are fated to launch a wave of riots against the white majority in America. He has done so since at least 2008.

It is absurd to imagine that PCG could have any clue about how to live in peace with African Americans while they promote such a racist, demagogic dogma that inspire unfounded fears of African Americans.

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