Thursday, June 4, 2015

Listening to PCG's Trumpet Hour (June 3)

PCG has released a new broadcast of The Trumpet Hour.

It is hosted by Joel Hilliker. It also features Robert Morley and David Vejil.

Let us see what they have to say this time.

They fear mongers that Iran is plotting to get nuclear weapons.

They also fear monger that Chinese are buying gold everywhere.

Condemning Obama's Negotiations with Iran

Here Joel Hilliker speaks.

Talks about Jeffrey Goldburg's interview with President Obama in The Atlantic.

Says the negotiations will make it easier for Iran to get a nuclear bomb.

Says the negotiations empower Iran.

What confidence does he have? He's the President.

Cites the recent troubles since 2011 as evidence that America cannot protect the Arabs. (Since when has PCG ever been worried about the Arabs?)

Hilliker complains that President Obama has downplayed the anti-Semitism of the Iranian regime.

Hilliker complains that President Obama is making this moral equivalence between what Iran does and with Europeans and Americans. Why single out Iran. Organizing tool. (10.)

Just like us. Just raise the cost then they won't do anything.

There is no evidence to support Obama's position. (12)

Talks in a negative way of sanctions relief for Iran. Sanctions relief means normalizing relations with Iran.

Hilliker talks of Obama's "logic" in regards to negotiations with Iran, but Hilliker makes sure to remind us that when describing President Obama he is using the word "logic" is being used very loosely.

It is insinuated that President Obama's actions align with Iran's interests. Not Israel's, not America's, but rather Iran.

China Buying Gold

Here Joel Hilliker and Robert Morley talk.

Hilliker and Morley scare monger that China is on a gold buying rampage. (15)

It is said this has implications for the US dollar. PCG constantly teaches that the US currency will soon collapse. They constantly say this in good times and bad times.

Hilliker interviews Morley. 

It is said that it is game over for US dollar if China should back the Renminbi currency with gold. Fear mongers about the US dollar no longer backed by gold. Insinuates that China is plotting to make the Renminbi the dominant currency of the world.

China has "a couple of trillions" of US bonds. Only about 7%. Says China invests in gold to protect itself from possible decline in value of US bonds. Says China is buying up so much gold. Talks about rare earth minerals.

They think very long term. (21)

Denounced as "economic warfare". (22)

Insinuates fiat currency system is about to fall. (23)

PCG has long been insisting the US economy is about to collapse any minute now. Here is what Robert Morley wrote back in 2008-10 during the height of the global financial crisis.
The structural problems in the U.S. economy and America’s massive debt load mean that the dollar is doomed too. ...

But it won’t end there. The whole nation—head to toe—is sickened with debt. Federal, state, municipal, corporate, personal debt; America is maxed out. Trillions upon trillions. That debt is coming due! ...

The nation’s finances have been pushed beyond the point of recovery. ...

Chapter two of America’s great economic crisis is about to unfold. The moral of the story is that the economy is not set to recover—at least not in any meaningful, lasting way. That is what the statistics say. More importantly, that is what God’s Word says. ...

Over the past week crude oil surged to a new 17-month highs—$86 per barrel. Better get used to it, sky-high oil prices may soon be here to stay. ...

The end of the recession is almost here. Next comes the depression. (See this previous post for the sources of these quotes from Robert Morley.)
 This is just more of the same scare mongering from PCG that the US dollar will collapse.

The Rest of the Program

After that Hilliker conducts an interview with an author of aphorisms. This is irrelevant to Armstrongism so the interview will not be discussed here.

After that segment David Vejil reads out a question to Hilliker from a man who wonders why God would send an earthquake to Nepal instead of "liberal" Washington. Hilliker says that we should not assume that an earthquake occurring in a specific place proves that those people were worse than all others but rather look within ourselves to see if we are doing all we can to be righteous.

After that Hilliker then talks about the health problems of sitting too much.

And so another Trumpet Hour program which tells the same things PCG has been saying since it started in 1989 comes to an end. It is more of the same.

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