Friday, June 5, 2015

PCG Phillipines Moves HQ (and a Koi Pond)

It has been announced that PCG's HQ in the Phillipines is moving.
The PCG Philippines office, along with Imperial Academy and a staff residence, started its relocation to a small housing estate on April 26.

The location of the new estate is only a short distance away from the older, smaller subdivision in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Preaching Elders John Macdonald and Kirk Macdonald signed a rental agreement for one house of the estate on January 16, with an understanding that they would obtain the other three homes in April after the current tenants moved out.
Here's my favorite part of the article.
The rental agreement for the other three homes was signed on April 15 during PYC Philippines. This part of the property includes a swimming pool, large automatic security gate, grass lot and small garden. A koi pond was also moved from the Macdonald home to the new estate.
So in "the Macdonald home" in the Phillipines there was a koi pond and it has now been moved to the new Headquarters estate.

What sweet fruits those on top within PCG enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. And it's not just a fancy Japanese fish pond for... carp!


    Just look at the maintenance: Skimmer, bottom drain, biological filter, ultraviolet light, water and air pumps... which means a lot of time and effort (read that 'money' to PAY for the maintenance work).

    This is not unlike Dichondra used as ground cover (as opposed to grass lawn) on Ambassador College Pasadena grounds: High maintenance, impractical and a status symbol of the rich from past centuries.

    Not to worry. Maybe Imperious... oops, I mean Imperial students can be cheap labor to maintain the koi pond or maybe the poor of the land (it is the Philippines) can be hired on a pittance to do the dirty grunt work.

    You can be sure that none of those elite in the PCG will get their hands dirty: They are at the top of the caste system.