Monday, June 29, 2015

Joel Hilliker Says PCG Bought Copyright for The Bible Story

So Joel Hilliker says that PCG bought the copyright to The Bible Story. He made this claim that PCG has purchased the copyright for The Bible Story, a retelling of the Old Testament by Basil Wolverton made for HWA's WCG in 1958-1972.

In this particular segment of PCG's Trumpet Hour Hilliker talks with Brent Nagtegaal about PCG's Bible Story. While introducing this segment Hilliker makes the following statement:
Well, for several years now the Philadelphia Church of God has been working on a multi-volume project called The Bible Story. This was actually started by Herbert W. Armstrong back in the 1960s. We bought the copyrights to it and we're printing it again. (20 minutes.)
Really? PCG bought the copyright for The Bible Story? It was not one of the eighteen booklets PCG purchased in 2003. I was aware that PCG was publishing their own version of The Bible Story but this is the first time I have heard that PCG has purchased the copyright for The Bible Story.

What is going on here? Did PCG purchase the copyright without going through WCG? Did they give even more money to Tkach's WCG?

[Update: July 11, 2017: Link corrected.]

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