Thursday, June 25, 2015

PCG's Ron Fraser Scapegoating Immigrants for Weakening Britain

I don't know why PCG's Ron Fraser (1941-2013) was like this but his words testify against him. PCG's British Israelism clearly did not help him in making sober analyses about world affairs.

Here is Ron Fraser insinuating that the immigration by people of races different from Ron Fraser's into Britain has weakened British society.
Britain’s imperial strength came from its rich and widespread resources, an advanced industrial base at home, a diverse Commonwealth providing a plentiful supply of labor, and the unifying power of the Crown. The combination of decolonization and Britain’s joining the European Common Market in the 1970s diminished much of the nation’s rich source of supply of raw materials and labor from its former colonies. Britain has since largely sold off its industry to foreign buyers and underwritten the importation of millions of souls from its old colonies who have come to the shores of the British Isles seeking the standard of life they once had under colonial rule, a standard substantially destroyed in many of their home countries by a combination of numerous petty dictators and faulty administration that became prevalent in the wake of decolonization. This admixture of races and cultures has severely weakened the fabric of traditional British society, substantially dulling the edge of British standards, virtues and values. (Ron Fraser, Britain—Sick Man of Europe?, December 26, 2007.)
What bigoted depravity! What foolishness! So Britain has problems just like any other nation and Ron Fraser just looks at all the people who are not "white" like him and says the presence of non-white immigrants has weakened the nation. What xenophobic nonsense.

And PCG's leaders wonder why sometimes they are called racist. It is because of xenophobic statements like this. This insinuates that if only "white people" just lived among themselves all would be well. That complete nonsense.

These immigrants have made many good contributions to British society and it is morally bankrupt of Ron Fraser to belittle them in this manner.

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