Friday, June 5, 2015

PCG Hates Iran More than ISIL: PCG's Moral Bankruptcy Exposed

PCG views world events through their dogmas. Regardless of how so many Americans are affected by the rise of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys seeing what so many soldiers from the US and other countries try to accomplish in Iraq sadly falling apart since last year PCG chooses to downplay those terrible events. Instead they scare monger about Iran. In PCG's demonology of the world Iran is worse than ISIL.

This tendency is shown once again in a recent article by PCG.
Assad appears ready to exploit the rise of the [so-called] Islamic State to his own benefit where possible. It is a tactic we can see mirrored next door in Iraq, where Iran is increasing its influence. Such unprecedented opportunity would not have been possible without the sudden rise of the Islamic State.

Keep watching the [so-called] Islamic State. Its very existence is being exploited by the powers-that-be in the Middle East. As horrific as the terrorist group is, we can’t afford to lose sight of people like the leaders of Iran and Syria who are using this time of chaos to further their own nefarious plans for the region. (Callum Wood, Why Would Assad Support the Islamic State?, June 5, 2015.)
(Does it never occur to PCG's writers that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys want to be called the "Islamic State"? Why give them what they want? There is so little they can do about ISIL but they can  still choose to call them something else that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and his fellows would not like. Instead PCG just gives them what they want and call them by the name they gave themselves.)

PCG refuses to view events concerning Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys on their own terms, but rather simply choose to exploit these events to fear monger about Iran once again.

What moral bankruptcy this shows. People are dying. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys have committed all kinds of atrocities that have horrified the world.

And what does PCG do during this terrible crisis?

PCG's leaders just thoughtlessly downplay all these terrible events and look at Iran in fear and hatred because their leader, Gerald Flurry, dogmatically proclaimed in 1994 that Iran would be the "King of the South". But even then PCG's writers rarely discussed this doctrine in their writings until the mass atrocity of 9/11 occurred. Even in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 they exploited those terrible events to fear monger about Iran for their dogmatic convenience.

Since then they have vilified and fear mongered about Iran ever since. Even when they learned of the terrible things ISIL has done recently they ignore ISIL and look aside to Iran all because of what was said back in 1994. They even present ISIL's capture of Ramadi as an opportunity for Iran to advance. This is not evidence of wise foresight but rather of dogmatic inflexibility.

It also shows a lack of compassion towards those who are suffering because of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys. This is not good.

Can one imagine how disastrous such an attitude would be if world leaders viewed events in such a way? That would be terribly irresponsible. Thank goodness PCG's leaders are not in charge of a nation state. PCG says they are getting prepared to rule the world but their decision to ignore ISIL and fear monger about Iran shows they are not ready to even rule one nation state, never mind a whole world.

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