Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Listening to PCG's Trumpet Hour

PCG has released a new broadcast of The Trumpet Hour. It is hosted by Joel Hilliker. It also features Robert Morley, Jeremiah Jacques, Richard Palmer and Anthony Chibarirwe.

Let's see what they have to say this time. 

Fear mongers about China, this time citing some sort of paper by the Chinese military. Talks about China building on little islands in the Spratley Islands in order to strengthen their claim to those islands.

Saying America is just giving up. Cites advances of ISIL to say China is plotting to take on America.

Saying China is getting stronger and stronger.

Says neighboring nations are preparing to submit to China. These nations are labelled by PCG as "realist".

"Chaos" and "destabilization" because of America's retreat from the world. (10 minutes.)

Fear mongers about a report of some North Korean scientists visiting Iran last month. (13 minutes.)

Cites Reuters in saying that Russia is building up military presence besides Ukrainian border. Insinuates that Russia is plotting to launch "phase two" against Ukraine. (14 minutes.)

Palmer talks about Ireland voting to legalize same sex marriage recently.

Palmer talks about Prime Minister Cameron planning to legalize same sex marriage and to renegotiate links with the European Union. (19 minutes.)

Palmer says Europe is threatened by Russia to the east and a rising wave of radical Islam to the south. Fear mongers that Greece may become a flashpoint between Europe and Russia. Speculation that Greece could fall into Russia's orbit. Speculates the European Union will wilt into a smaller inner core. (22-25 minutes.)

Talks about the fall of Palmyra to ISIL. Says ISIL now controls half of Syria. (27 minutes.)

Fall of Palmyra called a big blow to Assad regime and Iran. (28 minutes.)

Says Iraqi government forces have no will to fight. But says Iran has the will to fight ISIL in Iraq.

Says the fall of Palmyra will now be difficult for Iran to aid the Assad regime.

PCG has taught for several years now that the Assad regime would fall and be replaced by an anti-Iran regime that would become one of "the Psalm 83 nations" which, in PCG dogma, is a future alliance of nations separate from the King of the South (Iran) and allied with the European Union. (32-33 minutes.)

Robert Morley talks about "Lots of news. Lots of important articles." (33 minutes.)

Fear mongers that the world economy will soon fall and will not recover. They've been saying that for years now. (34 minutes.)

"Multi-trillion dollar" catastrophe about to occur. (35 minutes.)

Morley moans about unions trying to get an exemption from having to raise minimum wage in California.

Fear mongers about raising minimum wage in California.

Says raising minimum wage is bad and does not make economic sense. (38 minutes.)

Morley cites an "iconic" comic book store saying they might be out of business by the raise in the minimum wage.

"Look at what the Unions did to Detroit". This is stated in order to insinuate that workers' unions are bad for business. (41 minutes.)

Armstrongism has a long history of vilifying workers' unions. This habit can be traced back to HWA himself.

Jacques fear mongers about tensions between China and Taiwan. This is not news. This is a long running issue. But this issue is being presented once again to strike fear into the hearts of listeners. (41-42 minutes.)

Hilliker talks about an interview Jeffrey Goldburg had with President Obama in The Atlantic. Obama's statements are presented as hopelessly naive. "Can't even acknowledge" that Iran hates Jews, Hilliker says. It is suggested that they will write more about this interview. PCG has long demonized Iran. (43-45 minutes.)

Palmer fear mongers about Britain cutting defense spending. Palmer says that the British government is going to spend more money on providing health care to her people. (46-47 minutes.)

Chibarirwe fear mongers that the United States is not being sufficiently belligerent against the Houthis in Yemen. (47-48 minutes.)

Morley talks about Baltimore and says violence is "escalating". Says arrests are down and says police are afraid to do their job. Fear mongers that crime is on the rise in Baltimore.

(Note how there is absolutely no mention in this entire program about the mass shoot out that happened in Waco which killed nine people. But those nine were white so it is minimized as not worthy of mention.)

Hilliker ends the program with a quote from Winston Churchill that seems to belittle raising taxes. As though PCG, being regarded by the government of the United States as a religion, even pays taxes.

Well at least they never said ISIL started in Syria which is what one article they mentioned inaccurately said.

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