Friday, June 19, 2015

Over 24 Hours Later PCG's Trumpet Website Still Says Nothing About Terrorist Massacre in Charleston

I am looking at PCG's web page right now. Over 24 hours after the terrorist massacre in Charleston I look at it right now and there is nothing on it about the terrorist massacre that occurred in Charleston.

Its main article is about Pope Francis visiting Sarajevo and bringing up once again Flurry's accusation that the Pope started the Yugoslav Wars.

There's another article fear mongering about the recent hacking directed against the United States government.

There is nothing about the terrorist massacre there. Take a look at it before they (finally) get around to talking about it.

Although considering how they keep saying that "Israelites" (they mean white Americans) are fated to be attacked by minorities such as African Americans the terrorist attack in Charleston does not fit in with their predictions of whites getting attacked by ethnic minorities.

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