Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What Do (Some) Israelis Think of PM Netanyahu?

PCG tends to simplistically portray the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a simplistic black and white manner. One side is good. The other side is bad. Although PCG tends to be very sympathetic towards the State of Israel simplistically portraying Israeli Jews as like the good guys in a movie actually dehumanizes Israeli Jews. They are human beings like ourselves. They are as beautiful, precious and flawed as ourselves.

Take Prime Minister Netanyahu for instance. He recently regained power in an election. PCG likes Netanyahu. Recently PCG even made a nine minute video commenting on his speech to Congress.

But not every Israeli voted for his party. What do some of these other Israelis think of him?

The following was written shortly after the recent Israeli election.
As an Israeli, I am ashamed that my prime minister is a racist. 

On Election Day, knowing that the whole country would see it or hear about it, he warned on a range of social media, "The rule of the Right is in danger. The Arab voters are moving in droves toward the polling places. The NGOs of the Left are bringing them in buses." 

How should Jews respond to the threat of Arab hordes advancing on ballot boxes? The posts were explicit: Rush to the polling places, grab your loved ones and get them there as well, to vote Likud. 

"With your help, and with God's help, we will put up a nationalist government which will safeguard the state of Israel," my prime minister wrote. 

Lest there be any question of how we should view this, when he took the stage for his victory speech late Tuesday night, Netanyahu invited singer Amir Benayoun to come up and join him. The prime minister's message was clear: If you are religious and write a racist song ("Ahmed Loves Israel," which refers to Arabs as scum and murderers), a song so incendiary that President Reuven Rivlin feels he must revoke your invitation to the President's Residence, your place is right here, right now, by my side. 

I am ashamed to know that the prime minister of Israel is either a racist, which is a horrible thought, or that he incites racism in others for the sake of votes - which is worse. (Bradley Burston, As an Israeli, I am ashamed that my prime minister is a racist, Haaretz, March 18, 2015.)
Wow. It is doubtful PCG will ever mention such things unless they thought they had to.

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