Saturday, June 27, 2015

US Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

For so long Armstrongism has vilified and demonized gays. And now, after years of non-violent struggle and activism, they have won the right to marry within all the United States.

Armstrongite leaders have constantly demanded the three tithes and extra offerings on top of those. They live on that income. It is not very attractive for COG lay members who pay those tithes.

So from the perspective of Armstrongism's 1%, it is necessary to make paying three tithes more attractive by belittling, vilifying and demonizing the entire world outside of the COG group.

Armstrongism's 1% say that, All other Christians are false Christians except ourselves. They are doomed to enter the Great Tribulation except ourselves. Satan influences the entire world outside of the COG group. And other such things.

And condemning gays is part of all that. Armstrongite leaders portray them as a threat to the COG group. COG members are told over and over again the worse things about gays. (As the lay members are incapable of remember Armstrongism's negative stance on this issue.) Some of those lay members in the seats listening to the ministers happen to be gay themselves.

All that time COG members are told by Armstrongism's 1% that gays are Satan's work is time in which lay members do not notice how they are losing money to the group.

All that time in which COG lay members are psyching themselves up to loath and despise gays by reading stuff condemning them is time they don't notice how those on top in Armstrongism are profiting from the money they hand over to them.

All that time in which COG lay members listen to Armstrongism's 1% tell them the same message in services over and over again is time they stop thinking about and seeing the problems within their own congregations.

Hopefully this new ruling by the Supreme Court will make the scapegoating of gays by Armstrongism's 1% that much harder for COG members to just accept. Hopefully this ruling will make COG members wonder why they spend so much worrying about gays when so many others are clearly so unconcerned about them.

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  1. Excellent points.

    I would add that the central issue for the ACoGs is hypocrisy. By going all postal about the issue, the cult leaders dissuade the members from noticing that their entire church is totally dysfunctional, filled with hypocrites who more akin to atheist psychopaths than anything else.

    The leaders also seem to have forgotten that the end of their manipulative scams is the Lake of Fire if they don't repent and the Bible they claim is true really is.

    Moreover, they remain all split up when, in fact, they not only came from the CoG7D, but the CoG7D is much bigger with nearly 400,000 members.

    How could any of this be of God?