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Syrian Regime Change, Immigrants and Mustard: Listening to The Trumpet Hour (June 10)

So PCG has released yet another broadcast of The Trumpet Hour for their radio station.

Let's hear what PCG's leaders have to say this time.


Hilliker says that the Assad regime is on the verge of collapse. PCG has taught for years that Assad will collapse.

Then Hilliker says they will talk about immigration. Talks about violent immigrants being allowed to be released from jail. Will talk about Jeremiah Jacques about it.

Then Hilliker says they will talk with Ryan Malone about music. How to get more enjoyment to listen to music with more enjoyment.

Then Hilliker mentions what to do if there is an ingredient you do not like in a hamburger. Believe it or not, he says, this will actually increase your happiness.

PCG Prophesying the Fall of Assad

Syrian Civil War possibly "reaching a decisive point". Mentions Economist article that discusses the severe cost of this war. I will not burden the reader with the tragic details except to say that no doubt the situation is most severe and terrible in Syria.

Mentions report by Washington Post. Cites Jerusalem Post article saying Assad already does not rule his own country. Speculates that Russia has given up on Assad and has reduced its support for Assad regime. Hilliker says Washington Post says it will get worse.

Hilliker cites September 2012 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine The Philadelphia Trumpet. Says it predicts regime change in Syria. Hilliker insinuates that we are about to see the regime change mentioned then.

Syria portrayed as part of "Shiite crescent" led by Iran and including Lebanon and Iraq. Assad is prophesied by Gerald Flurry to fall and afterwards Syria will no longer be aligned with Iran.

Hilliker cites Gerald Flurry to say that the fall of Assad is a major biblical prophecy being fulfilled.

Main thing mentioned is: Look at the role Germany is to play. Not a whole lot  mentioned about Germany in the media. Maybe that is an accurate reflection of reality. But, Hilliker insists, watch out for Germany to asserts itself in the Middle East. It may change very quickly. Germany plotting to create anti-Iran alliance ("Axis").

It is asserted that Germany cynically views the Syrian Civil War as an opportunity to expand its power in the Middle East to counter Iran.

Fear mongers that German soldiers are everywhere and selling arms everywhere. The German soldiers in Afghanistan are allies of the United States.

We can expect Germany to take advantage of Syrian Civil War.

Cites some obscure article calling for Assad's fall as evidence of German plot to topple Assad regime.

Watch for Iran to lose its hold over Iran, he says. The end of this segment is accompanied with scary ominous music. (14-15 minutes.)

Fear Mongering About Immigrants and Lying, Horrifying Government

In this segment Hilliker talks with Jeremiah Jacques.

Says very little being done about illegal immigration. Says convicts being released.

Jacques says many convicts are being released by the government.

These convicts are allowed to stay even though they have been convicted.

Cites Washington Times article. It needs to be stated here that The Washington Times leans far to the right. It is actually owned by a certain controversial religious organization originating from Korea. An online news source closely linked to The Washington Times started the false rumor that Obama was a Muslim. Despite these concerning tendencies Jacques seems to have no concern that maybe he should be weary of trusting such a source.

Mentions 3700 convicts. They fear monger that the DHS knowingly released many convicts onto the streets.

US authorities says the home countries will not accept them. Certain immigrants cannot be held indefinitely.

Says how can these countries. Call for Obama Administration to pressure those other countries. 

Law enforcement officers disgusted and outraged. Condemns lax immigration policy.

Around 1000 released convicts commits crimes against Americans.

Local officers more aware of this problem. Complains about remote, distant and out of touch government making policies. Says these policies are made by people living in gated communities. (Isn't that true for PCG's leaders?)

Says Obama Administration is stonewalling about this issue. "Unnerving" this is. Latest data had to be released through a lawsuit to a court of law.

"Conservative, non-partisan watch dog" group, Judicial Watch. Strange. I thought "non-partisan" meant not being openly right wing or left wing. But then again PCG's leaders are so far to the right politically speaking they seem to be unaware of that.

Federal Court ruled in favor of Judicial Watch. Only then did this story get out. At least that's what they say.

Says Obama Administration is "lying". Where do the victims of crimes committed against them by these person go for justice?

Why would politicians do this? it is asked.

One suggestion is that these measures are to increase the supply of Democratic Party voters. This "might be true", Jacques says.

PCG's leaders lean very far to the right politically. So they tend to be quite opposed towards the Democratic Party. This vicious and venomous accusation is simply further proof of that.

Politicians reluctant to scare off voters by restricting immigration.

"A lot of selfishness at play" among politicians of both parties.

Blames the media for forcing open borders.

Naive optimism that we can't lock them all up. Majority do not commit other crimes. They seem to excuse those who do commit crimes.

Jacques then says the following while discussing why the Federal Government is (supposedly) behaving in such an inexplicable way on this matter:
But I also think that the Obama Administration's motivation could go a little bit deeper. I believe he seems to harbor some really deep rooted resentment toward what you might call traditional America. And traditional Americans even. (28 minutes.)
Careful Jacques. There was a certain news show host named Glenn Beck who said something similar to this. It sparked a mass boycott that rendered his show unprofitable and made it easier for his show to get cancelled. Be careful Jacques.

Hilliker presents this problem as utterly baffling and irrational. Must be some intent behind this.

Utterly defies logic and defies explanation. Left to speculate. All of the answers are horrifying.

Jacques says he tried to find the other side. But the more he looked the more horrifying it got. Maybe if he stopped reading so many right wing sources and read a little more widely, maybe even from some left wing individuals, perhaps it would be easier for him to do that.

Actually the Obama Administration has increased the number of deportations compared with the previous Administration. So many immigrants have been so frustrated at how the Federal government deals with them that they held massive rallies in Washington DC. But PCG's leaders view the left as unworthy of their notice so they are ignorant of pertinent details like that.

Left unmentioned in this segment is that PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, denounced President Obama as an Antichrist-like figure comparable to Antiochus. That is what their fear mongering is to some extent based on.

How to Enjoy Music (Advertising for PCG Music Show)

In this segment Hilliker talks with Ryan Malone. It is mentioned that he runs Armstrong International Cultural Foundation's concerts. (It is PCG's imitation of HWA and Rader's Ambassador International Cultural Foundation.) Runs music education for PCG. It is about how to love music even more. Make your participating more enjoyable. He will make new radio program for KPCG. It is actually advertizing for Malone's new radio show.

Democratization of music. Users have larger say of what is popular. Music becoming more homogenous. Bland. Loud. Predictable.

Malone says we need to stretch our minds. Music made just for enjoyment. We need to dig into things that make existence great. Not just catering for hitting the pleasure button.

Speaks of "law of history". This refers to Gerald Flurry's dogma that past events can predict future events. This dogma is used to twist historical events into "prophecies" predicting the future.

The ordering of tones and pitches. Emotional impact it has. More enriching to learn these things.

Intellectual component helps us to experience the emotional response. 

Talks about how composers play around with music to make it different and distinctive.

Advertises his radio show about music. It is entitled Music for Life.

Some interference at 44 minutes. 

Be Grateful for What Those in Power Give You

This segment from Joel Hilliker is mainly based on his article: Just Eat the Mustard.
On the road and in a hurry my family flew through a drive through burger joint for lunch. One minute down the highway a voice piped up from the back of the van. [Here Hilliker mimics sounding like a little girl:] "I said no mustard. This has mustard. I don't like mustard." Maybe that seems like a perfectly reasonable statement to you but to he who had purchased this sandwich and provided it to his offspring in order to sustain her life for a few more hours on a trip he was making solely for her benefit it sounded like royal griping from Princess Persnickety. (47 minutes.)
Did Hilliker ask her daughter for permission to mention this? Did he at least tell her about it before making this mundane affair public?

Hilliker then compares this to the Israelites complaining in the wilderness. Comparing himself to God he compares that what happened between him and his daughter. 
He heard that voice from the back of the van. It displeased him. And he got angry.
 Complains about persons complaining to those in authority. 
You might not notice [that you are complaining]. But guess what? God does. He hears when we complain. And it angers him. Why would our bellyaching upset God so much? Because he wants us to be content with what we have.
Or maybe Hilliker wants to stop hearing PCG members telling him how difficult it is to pay the three tithes to PCG, about failed faith healing and from being forbidden from associating with the members of the other COG groups?

Hilliker complains how people feel "entitled" to so much. Says Americans have consumed so much resources.

Very sarcastic about those who complain.

He mimics sounding like Israelites complaining in the wilderness that they cannot eat meat.

Now he does say 

"Remember God's blessing and you will be thankful and content".

I suppose we now know what PCG's leaders will say if you point out a problem to them. Stop complaining. Your complaining angers God. How convenient for PCG's leaders.

And so another episode of PCG's Trumpet Hour comes to an end.

My word! They think immigrants are a conspiracy by the Obama Administration to get more votes for the Democratic Party. Don't they need to be registered as civilians first? You can't just vote once you get to America. That is never even mentioned.

And now we know what Hilliker sounds like when he tries to sound like someone complaining.

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