Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PCG Makes Booklet for Desperate PCG Singles

PCG has released a booklet for their young single members entitled Single-Minded for God. It was first published in 2013 and has been republished earlier this year.

Here are the authors of this booklet in order of appearance.

Good News and Plain Truth, (Preface), pp. 7, 8-9, 17-18, 18-21, 40, 56, 62, 69-70. (More on those unattributed articles later.)

Joel Hilliker, pp. 2-6, 12-17, 26-40, 41-42, 46-56, 80-81.

Carolyn Coates, pp. 9-10.

Eric Anderson, pp. 10-11.

Ryan Malone, pp. 21-22.

Modern Dating, pp. 22-24, 40-41, 43, 74-79.

Garner Ted Armstrong (from Modern Dating), p. 43.

The Notebook of Richard Rice, p. 43-46, 62-67, 87-92.

Gary Restall, pp. 56-57.

Women's Club (1980), pp. 57-59.

Antonius Hallmark, p. 60.

Herbert Armstrong, pp. 67-69.

Steve Hercus, pp. 70-74.

Gerald Flurry, pp. 82-87.

Dennis Leap, pp. 94-102.

Stephen Flurry, pp. 103-106.

The Dismembered Old WCG Articles Cited Here

Here is the article by HWA.

"What is the Best Age for Marriage?" by Herbert Armstrong (Youth 84, October-November 1984, pp. 1-2, 25-27).

In regards to the other WCG articles whoever made this booklet has done something strange with them. They have cut apart the various articles and given each separated part another title. There is no indication in the booklet that those articles have been altered in that way. These three articles are cited several times but there is no indication that they are from the same article.

Here are the old WCG articles that are quoted in this booklet:

"Single Christians -- Glorify God in YOUR Life" by Malcolm Tofts (Good News, September 1980, pp. 4-7).

"Single Christians and the Abundant Life" by K. Neil Earle (Good News, January 1984, pp. 6-8, 21-22).

"SINGLES Who Can't Find Mates" by Ronald D. Kelly (Plain Truth, July-August 1984, pp. 8-9, 36).

PCG Quoting Garner Ted Armstrong

Amazingly PCG's leaders think Garner Ted Armstrong is worthy of being quoted for the benefit of single PCG members despite his well known and documented behavior which was contrary to Armstrongite dogma. He is quoted on page 43.

It is well known that Garner Ted Armstrong conducted numerous adulterous affairs which led to him being temporarily suspended for a few months. Many WCG members and ministers were disillusioned that he was reinstated soon afterwards by his father and this helped provoke the great mass defection of 1974.

Also in 1996 he was caught on camera behaving in a most shameful manner and his own group was compelled to kick him out of the Church of God International because of it. Somehow PCG's leaders think he can be trusted to give advice to young single PCG members.

Also Garner Ted Armstrong got kicked out of WCG by his father in 1978 and was thereafter demonized by his father in a most terrible manner. Why is it that PCG should quote a man who was viciously by the man PCG says was the "end-time Elijah"?

Why Listen to PCG?

Gerald Flurry seems to think people refusing themselves medical attention is a beautiful act of witness of faith in PCG's God. It is widely reported that he continues to teach HWA's anti-medicine superstition.

Joel Hilliker vilified Palestinian children as being raised on Jew hatred. He seems to think even their children are guilty and deserve to be feared and viewed as enemies. While condemning an address by President Obama advocating the creation of a Palestinian state Hilliker condemns Palestinian children as "raised on virulent Jew hatred". In essence he is denying that those children are just like our children.
They woefully ignore several pressing realities: that the Palestinian children of which the president speaks are being raised on virulent Jew hatred ... (Joel Hilliker, "Obama in Israel", March 23, 2013.)
Joel Hilliker once stated that he viewed President Obama as being like Stalin. In the following quote Hilliker is comparing the Obama Administration to Stalin.
Pardon the historical allusion—it will sound extreme. But Stalin and his technocrats were so convinced of their own wisdom that they imprisoned and murdered untold millions of their own people trying to realize their vision. (Joel Hilliker, "Beware the 'Well-Educated' Technocrats", November 11, 2013.)
That allusion is so wildly unhinged from reality it does not deserve a response. It is simply old McCarthy-like red baiting to accuse American leftists of somehow being just like Stalin's justly infamous regime.

Who would listen to men capable of saying things like this for advice on how to find a significant other and maintain this relationship?

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