Monday, June 1, 2015

PCG Says "universal-health-care ... incenses many of us" (2009)

PCG seems perfectly accepting of the sad fact that many Americans are unable to get health insurance. The Obama Administration tried to address this problem so that more Americans could get health insurance. That is why the Obama Administration passed the Affordable Care Act.

But PCG's leaders condemned this effort by the Obama Administration to improve the lot of many Americans by making it possible for them to get health insurance.In the October 2009 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, PCG's Mark Jenkins wrote the following words.
Now, President Obama’s visage is plastered across conservative websites made up to look like Heath Ledger’s Joker, a grotesque caricature of a clown bent on destruction. President Obama is now subject to similar harassment as that which his predecessor suffered.

Regardless of politics, religion, social class, gender, race, the president represents the highest office in America. When the leader of what claims to be the most powerful country in the world is insulted, do we add our voice to the discontent—or do we register our disagreements respectfully? This matter isn’t about Barack Obama as a man; it’s about his lawfully obtained office and the country he represents.

But his agenda!, some might respond. And yes, the cap-and-trade, auto-bailout, universal-health-care, quasi-socialist agenda he promotes incenses many of us. His support of abortion, homosexuality and other parts of his stated intent for our country directly contradict the Bible. We can and should attack sin—and the Trumpet does—but that does not justify disrespecting the office President Obama holds.
So for PCG's leaders "universal-health-care ... incenses many of us." Instead of speaking out on behalf of the vulnerable it seems that PCG's leaders are content to just let the uninsured stay uninsured despite the terrible burden and exposure to risk this condition forces upon the uninsured.

I think it is good that reformers have reformed health care so that more people can get health insurance. It has been years since the Affordable Care Act was passed and America has not fallen apart over it. Unfortunately not every American has health insurance. Hopefully the day will soon arrive in which all Americans have health insurance.


  1. I'd hate to be on the PCG health plan.

    I'd die first.

  2. These people are complaining because the act is removing donations from their coffers, only they are masking this fact with what they think sounds like convincing, right wing rhetoric.

    Remember, they believe that doctors and the modern healthcare system are seen by God as being the equivalent of sorcerers and pagan shamans.

    In the past, employees had the right to decline company insurance, meaning that their paycheck would not be debited for the employee's share of the premium. Under Obamacare, if you willfully and deliberately refuse coverage, you must pay a penalty along with your federal income taxes. I don't know precisely how the law affects PCG as a non-profit with a number of salaried employees, but it is possible that they may be feeling a degree of coercion to set up their own plan. They may feel that this puts them (figuratively) in bed with the homosexuals, abortion seekers, minorities, and the other groups which they constantly complain about.

    If this is the case, and if they are still disfellowshipping people from their toxic waste dump for seeing doctors or taking medicine, then I have a difficult time feeling the least little bit sorry for them.