Monday, November 30, 2015

PCG Fear Mongering of "Race Riots"

The Pan-African Flag

The following quote is from a comment insinuating that "race riots" will soon occur. This alludes to PCG's false prophecy of "race war" which has been taught by PCG since 1992 (if not earlier).
I was thinking how the Biblical race riots were going to come about as I didn’t perceive that much racial tension in the country. With these last few articles I can now begin to see them beginning to form to come to a head. as they have been created by those yelling and screaming for them to stop while making up or inventing issues that weren’t even there. The liberal ideology is the curse itself. Get back to the Bible as this great land was created and founded on or watch it deteriorated as it prophesies will happen. Then when Jesus Christ returns taking over the throne of the god of this world satan He will institute a new public world order whether anyone likes it or not. Can hardly wait for that time to come but pray for it urgently. (Source.)
There will be no "race war" or "race riots" of the kind PCG teaches will soon occur. This idea is not from the Bible. It is PCG's own idea. It is a racist false prophecy (usually directed against African Americans) that will never happen.

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