Friday, November 6, 2015

Settler Extremists Intimidates Police in Israel

Why do some settler extremists in the West Bank commit acts of violence such as trying to stab a Rabbi or committing price tag attacks? Because it works. The Israeli authorities are unwilling to stop the extremists as may be seen in this recent terrible event.
The State of Israel just validated the very concept of “price tag” violence, which Israel officials have often described — but never legally defined — as terrorism.

The state on Tuesday asked the High Court of Justice to delay the court ordered demolition of a West Bank synagogue built on stolen Palestinian land. The state’s main argument in asking for the extension, which the court begrudgingly granted, went as follows: “Police believe that demolishing the building is likely to lead to violent acts by extremist right-wing actors against Arabs and Muslim religious symbols.” (Hebrew)

In other words: we do not want to enforce the law because we are afraid the criminals will punish us for it. Or, in even clearer and scarier words: we have accepted that terrorists will make us pay a price for carrying out pre-declared, court-ordered, and government sanctioned duties. (Michael Omer-Man, Israel admits right-wing violence works, +972 Magazine, November 4, 2015.)
How dispiriting. The rule of law is subverted by these extremists. No good can come from this.

We need peace now.

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