Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PCG's Joel Hilliker Calls Those Who Disagree with Him "Naive"

As noted in a previous post PCG's Joel Hilliker has written an article that falsely asserts that, since homosexuality has become legally accepted in the United States, pedophilia is about to become respectable as well. This is complete nonsense.

Joel Hilliker has repeated this inflammatory and false assertion in a broadcast of The Trumpet Hour.

At one point he asserts that those who disagree with him on this matter are "naive." This is nonsense.

As one of the main leaders of PCG he is used to getting his way with those under him within PCG. But he is in error to assume that outside of PCG others will simply listen to him with respect instead of putting his words under scrutiny.

One person wrote the following comment after becoming upset hearing Hilliker's assertion that pedophilia will soon become respectable.
Heard this podcast this morning. Not sure how you, Mr. Hilliker, didn’t erupt while addressing the first subject.
I lost it just listening to this…
Hilliker's assertion on this subject is wrong. There is no need to worry about this.

Pedophilia is a crime. That is not going to change. Hilliker is in error to suggest otherwise. It is wrong to unnecessarily upset people such as the commenter above with this kind of misinformation.

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