Monday, November 30, 2015

PCG's Joel Hilliker Compare African American Protesters with Murderer Cain

The Pan-African Flag

Protesting against racism is just like murdering your brother like Cain or calling for war, according to PCG's Joel Hilliker.
Students had been “sitting in grief” and “hurting” over a hate crime they invented. They were rushing to the barricades of racial justice over a fiction.

How many other improperly disposed-of bags of feces are being trumped up into cause for war? This is a colorful metaphor for a problem besieging America’s higher education: the hypersensitivity that startles and then raises Cain over the slightest perceived offense. (Joel Hilliker, Microaggressions and Other Fictions, November 30, 2015.)
How ironic it is that while scolding anti-racism protesters for being "hypersensitive" Hilliker condemns them as using racism as a "cause for war" and of "rais[ing] Cain over the slightest perceived offense". Somehow that is not "hypersensitive" in Hilliker's eyes. 

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