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PCG's Views Regarding the Falkland Islands

Flag of the Falkland Islands (1948-99)

PCG constantly favors Britain in their coverage of world events. Meanwhile many nations are constantly belittled and portrayed as threats to the United States, Britain and the State of Israel. Those nations are claimed by PCG to be descendants of the Biblical Israelites.

This includes Argentina. In recent years Argentina have made statements reaffirming their claim to sovereignty over the Falklands Islands. Naturally this is a rather sensitive issue especially because of the war over the Falklands Islands in 1982.

PCG has written articles consistently portraying Argentina's claim to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands in a consistently alarmist manner. It is consistently asserted by PCG's leadership that Britain will soon lose control of the Falklands Islands, possibly in a violent manner.

But will PCG ever be bothered to tell their followers that the State of Israel is in negotiations to sell eighteen military fighter jets, namely the IAI Kfir. This was mentioned by the Israeli peace activist Jeff Halper in his recent book, War Against the People.
Argentina is negotiating the purchase of 18 Kfir C-10s for $500 million, much to Britain's consternation. (Jeff Halper, War Against the People, 2015, Chapter 10.)
Real life is complicated. Many times people do things that we wish were not done. One of the appeals of groups like PCG that claim to know what is "really" going on is that those who follow them are empowered with the sense of having great and profound insight. One easy way to perpetuate this sense of knowledge is to simply ignore contrary information.

PCG tells a very simple story about the Falkland Islands. One side is good. One side is bad. Here are but a few examples of PCG's condemnation of Argentina's assertion of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.
Thus, the game being played out currently between Argentina and Britain over the Falklands is not at all dissimilar to that being played out between Spain and Britain over the vital Mediterranean sea gate of Gibraltar. Here we have two remaining, crucially strategic sea gates, still possessed by the nation that once “ruled the waves,” Great Britain, the last vestiges of its former globe-girdling empire. Will the Brits give way? Will these last pieces of Britain’s vast but long-gone empire be simply handed over to these two Hispanic nations, each quite sympathetic to the other’s cause?

Nestor Kirchner, German ethnic, son of an émigré Nazi, populist president of volatile Argentina, has certainly shown himself to be unfriendly to the U.S. Now he is laying down the gauntlet to Britain. Do not be surprised in the least if he joins cause with Spain to mount a successful effort to lobby the United Nations to force Britain’s hand to yield up its remaining sovereignty over these last strands of empire, the God-given sea gates of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. (Ron Fraser, Will Britain Lose the Falklands?, September 2006.)
Once again we see Ron Fraser's venomous and overblown invective in writing once again. Below are more examples of PCG's writings about the Falkland Islands. It is only some of what they have written.
Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands is “inalienable,” declared the nation’s president last Wednesday. ... Will we see Britain give way? An indication of London’s softened stance on the issue is its allowance of Argentina to hold a memorial service on Falklands soil for Argentine solidiers [sic] killed in the 1982 invasion of the island—a memorial to the invading enemy. (Argentina Renews Claim to Falklands, April 7, 2008.)
But how long will the British hold on to the Falkland Islands? History indicates that, in spite of the rhetoric, it may not be long. ... Unfortunately, the Britain of 1982 is different than the Britain of today. ... Will Britain eventually cave in to international pressure to back away from the Falklands? The history of how Britain easily gave up the colonies, territories, sea ports and sea gates which once made it the great British Empire proves that such an outcome is possible. (Anthony Chibarirwe, Falklands Dispute: Argentina Does Not Fear the British Lion’s Roar Anymore, January 14, 2014.)
The new law requiring “Falklands are Argentine” signs is just the latest in a string of political maneuvers by Argentina to force Britain to give up the islands. Regular Trumpet readers know the prophecies showing that Britain will eventually lose this strategic sea gate. (Kiall Lorenz, Argentina Says Public Transport Must State: ‘The Falklands Are Argentine’, November 26, 2014.)

Russia is preparing to lease 12 long-range, supersonic bomber jets to Argentina, a move that some in Britain fear is designed to ready Argentina to take the Falkland Islands. (Jeremiah Jacques, Russia Arming Argentina to Enable Grab of Falkland Islands?, March 26, 2015.)
So we see that PCG fear mongers that Russia is selling arms to Argentina with the insinuation that Argentina will soon seize the Falkland Islands by force. But will they ever mention Israel selling military fighter jets to Argentina?

PCG's British Israelism encourages people to view events through simple racial stereotypes.

Some nations are given the power by PCG's God to dominate other peoples and possess great power. The others are ignored or viewed as threats to "us." In this way PCG has in their minds racially segregated the world into "Israelites" and the others.

And since these "Israelite" nations are viewed by PCG as predominantly belonging to whites this view is essentially just another form of white supremacy.

It is wrong to view humanity in such a misinformed and simple way. We need to avoid simplistic racial stereotyped thinking and appreciated people for who they are, not whether they are "Israelite" or not according to the dictates of British Israelism.

It is also worth mentioning that British Israelism is nonsense. has shown how British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.

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