Thursday, November 26, 2015

When PCG's Ron Fraser Said, Death to Australia

Recently PCG wrote an article telling members to pay no attention to the effort by Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei towards minimizing the inflammatory slogan "Death to America" as just a protest against policies opposed by the Iranian government. Rather PCG insists that we should simply ignore Khamenei's words on this matter.

So PCG tells us that saying "Death to America" is hostile and wrong. It is good to condemn inflammatory rhetoric.

But what about saying Death to Australia? The late Ron Fraser once insinuated that Australia did not deserve to survive for electing a left wing government and (in his view) adopting policies that he disapproved of.

Back in 2008 PCG's Ron Fraser wrote a booklet about the land of his nativity, Australia. It is entitled Australia—Where to Now? (You can read this booklet on their website.) He appears to have been prompted to write this booklet following the election of a left wing Labour Party government in 2007.

In this booklet he complains that Australia is turning away from PCG's God and that some sort of catastrophe will befall Australia for it. At one point Fraser even insinuates that Australia does not deserve to survive (as was mentioned in a previous post).
In one particularly bizarre passage Fraser even insinuates that Australia "does not deserve to survive" because of those he condemns (Chapter 7, p. 43). ...
Fraser then bizarrely insinuates that an Australia that accommodates all its' citizens, not just the white majority, "does not deserve to survive."
It was Sir Winston Churchill who pointed to the truism that any nation that forgets its past does not deserve to survive. (p. 43.)
What a shocking and terrible thing to say about Australia. What bitterness lay in his heart, even towards his follow Australians. It is shameful that Fraser should write such bitter words like this. I cannot even imagine saying something so bitter, twisted, vindictive and nasty about Australia.
 So according to Ron Fraser a "nation [such as Australia] that forgets its past does not deserve to survive."

How is that not like saying Death to Australia?

For more information about Ron Fraser's booklet, including his factually absurd attempt to deny that the Stolen Generations exist, please see Reading PCG's Booklet, Australia—Where to Now?


  1. If anything bad happens to Australia, it would be because of all of their recent gun-grabbing legislation. Their public is no longer armed to defend against any sort of emerging corrupt or totalitarian government.


    1. Whatever misfortunes may blight Australia it won't be because Australians are somehow failing to do what PCG says.

  2. Just curious: When did Ron Frasier die?

    I missed the announcement.