Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PCG Fear Mongers That Pedophilia Will Soon Be Respectable

PCG's Joel Hilliker has written an article nonsensically insisting that since homosexuality is now legal then there is no reason to ban pedophilia.
The homosexual movement has completely changed modern culture in less than a decade. People now accept and support practices they were completely opposed to just a few years ago. ... Now, this issue is tracking the exact same direction. It’s a trend you need to understand—and frankly, to protect yourself and your children from.
Of course this is nonsense since pedophilia is not a mutually consensual act, but rather a vicious crime committed by a perpetrator against the victim. The law protects children by legally defining children below a certain age as being unable to give consent.

PCG insists on viewing homosexuality and pedophilia as forbidden by PCG's God. Since the law of the United States no longer bans homosexuality PCG now says the same thing could happen with pedophilia. This is nonsense. Pedophilia is a crime. That is not going change.

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