Monday, November 30, 2015

PCG's Joel Hilliker Scare Readers with Tall Tale of Legalized Pedophilia

Recently PCG's Joel Hilliker made an article absurdly insisting that since homosexuality is now legal that there is nothing to prevent pedophilia getting legalized in turn.

This is complete nonsense. Consensual relations that happen to be homosexual was legalized. Pedophilia is not consensual. The victim is too young to give consent. Rape and sexual coercion in whatever form it may take (heterosexual, homosexual, pedophilia) is illegal. That will not be changing.

Some have written comments about Hilliker's article.

Before we see these comments I wish to state here that I regard these commenters as victims. They are being misinformed. Their trust in PCG is being used to keep them fearful of something that will never happen.

Because of Hilliker's article parents are scared that pedophilia will soon become legal.
This is SO disgusting and reprehensible. This world is truly so sick. As a mother to a young daughter, I am more grateful than ever to be able to teach her God’s truth and to seek His protection. How I long for the day when all children will be protected and every stranger is someone who cares in agape.
Here is another comment.
Horrifying’ That’s the word that comes to mind! The argument, ‘ Its not my business what somebody else does in the privacy of their own bedroom, ‘ surely falls flat on its face at this point. Now this way of thinking becomes a threat to every child and to every family in the nation!
Actually pedophilia is still illegal. If one commits a crime within "the privacy of their own bedroom" it is still illegal.

Here's one reader who seems to think a popular TV show is part of the (non-existent) conspiracy to legalize pedophilia. And then adds in a nasty dose of xenophobic racism against Muslims as well.
Its sickening for certain, I recently saw a Law and Order TV show where a group of men were trying to convince a judge that it is normal feeling of love between parents and their children. The media is trying to help normalize it as quickly as they can. I suppose it’s a normal thing in Muslim countries already, since they sell children openly. I’ve always thought that anyone whom calls Muhammad a “holy man” is very sick because of his immorality with children. Its frightening that it could become legal in the modern nations of Israel, but it’s easy to see where we are headed.
One particularly grotesque thing about Hilliker's article is that it is distressing towards survivors of pedophilia. It is particularly shameful to frighten survivors of pedophilia with fanciful fear mongering that pedophilia will soon be legalized. It is not going to happen. I hope these persons get the help they need.

Here is another reader shocked by Hilliker's nonsensical article.
Well, this certainly was a hard article to swallow—I think it’s still stuck in my throat, actually. The implications of this are huge! Will they lower the age of ‘consent’ for children so that these pedophiles can be gratified? If this is where it’s going, then it will also lead to normalizing rape. We certainly need God’s perfect law to clean all this up and so that everyone can live a pure, happy life!
Meanwhile as these persons are unnecessarily distressed by fears of what will never happen Hilliker is living here funded by money sent to PCG.

Hilliker's home at PCG's headquarters. (PCG Information.)

Pedophilia is a crime. The victim is too young to give consent. It will never be legalized. It is wrong to scare people into thinking such a thing is about to happen. It will never be legalized.


  1. The national trend seems to be one of intensifying enforcement against the victimization of children. Don't these people read about Jared Fogle? Aren't they aware that the FBI and local law enforcement arrest people for child pornography on their PCs? Do they not know the power Child Protective Services wields against this sort of thing, and how popular talk shows treat the victimization of children?

    The attitude of the 1950s used to be that "the queers" were warped and seething perverts who would have sex with anything available, including children or even pet simians. Much more research has been done in the intervening decades, and a completely different picture has emerged. Those who molest children are just as likely to be heterosexual as homosexual. Pedophilia is a completely separate pathology, not a sexuality per se.

    Apparently, the fact that the founder of the religious philosophy which they claim to be preserving was a pedophile has taught the PCG spokesmen nothing at all! One would think that this would be a topic on which they would be strangely silent.


  2. You are so right. This accusation that pedophilia is about to become legal is nonsense. It is astounding to me that Joel Hilliker should dare to say something so absurd. And sadly it seems many of those who trust PCG believe his absurd accusation.

    I think it is quite shameful for him to make people scared of something that will never happen.