Saturday, November 14, 2015

PCG on Missouri Protesters: "Their Goal is, Really, Destruction"

PCG's Trumpet Hour has a segment discussing the protests in the University of Missouri. Once again we see the PCG's leadership's contempt and fear mongering of the African American protesters in the University of Missouri.
It's amazing to me just thinking about this how the accomplishments that you see, quote on quote accomplishments, in situations like this are always destructive. It's getting someone fired. It's shutting something down. It's never about achieving actual harmony or making things more peaceful, or improving the state of race relations, or building something. And the reason is that isn't their goal. Their goal is, really, destruction. (Joel Hilliker, Trumpet Hour, November 14, 2015, 4-5 minutes)
More typical simplistic black and white thinking. Authoritarian religious leaders constantly use black and white reasoning because it is easier to manipulate people once their followers are trained to view things in black and white terms.

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  1. Good grief. In reality, it's about improving, refining, and building! It's about excising cancer, and elliminating toxins! It's about opening things up, and making them more accessible to a wider variety of people.

    But, then again, Armstrongism was always such a negative religion, destroying and tainting everything that could potentially bring joy into peoples' lives. Gotta feed that ol' boogeyman of an apocalypse to keep up the sense of urgency, and keep the tithe stream rolling in.