Monday, March 14, 2016

22,000 ISIL Names Leaked to Sky News

A disillusioned member of the ISIL terrorist network gave to Sky News reporters a memory stick containing the names and details of 22,000 ISIL members. Each ISIL member had to fill out a form that mentioned their real name, the new name they took upon joining ISIL, who sponsored them, which countries they traveled through, their phone numbers and other such things. The authorities have been informed of this information.

This information leak is a huge blow against ISIL.

Here are some of the articles Sky News made about this information leak:
The defector who leaked this information also stated the following.
He also claimed that in reality Islamic State, the Kurdish YPG and the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad, are working together against the moderate Syrian opposition. (IS Documents Identify Thousands Of Jihadis, March 10, 2016.)
The Syrian opposition has often accused the Assad regime of using ISIL to discredit and weaken the Syrian opposition.

I hope this accusation against the Syrian Kurds is untrue. But it must be stated that there have been armed clashes between the Syrian Kurds and Syrian rebels recently.

I am skeptical of this assertion partly because a political and media adviser to Bashar al-Assad recently tried to slur the Syrian Democratic Forces, Syrian Arabs aligned with the Syrian Kurds, as being filled with ISIL terrorists.
On 12 November 2015, the United States reversed its decision and in one day the Kurdish Peshmerga replaced ISIS in the Sinjar province. But where did the men of ISIS go? My conjuncture is that they shaved their beards and changed their uniforms, and joined the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” which the US has created not to fight ISIS, but in order to fight the Syrian Army and help the Kurds to establish an autonomous entity in the north of Syria as a prelude to partitioning the country, as they are also trying to partition Iraq. (The Rise of ISIS and Other Extremist Groups: the role of the West and Regional Powers, Counterpunch, January 29, 2016.)
May the truth concerning this matter be soon revealed. 

This is without question a significant blow against ISIL terrorists. ISIL has long been enemies of the Syrians opposed to the Assad regime. Many of the Syrian rebels even launched a massive revolt against ISIL back in January 2014. ISIL is no part of the Syrian uprising against the Assad regime. Instead they exploited it to gain power for themselves.

May the day of ISIL's fall soon dawn.

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