Monday, March 7, 2016

PCG Portrays Donald Trump as the One Candidate Actively Opposing BLM Protesters

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In the March 4, 2016 broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Hour Joel Hilliker and Robert Morley discuss Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter protesters from 10:06 onward. This is done to scare monger that things are about to "explode" between them to insinuate that "race riots" will occur.

Joel Hilliker and Robert Morley discuss an article from The Atlantic to scare monger that things are about to get more violent. This is done to promote PCG's false prophecy of "race war". which will never come to pass.

Here Robert Morley and Joel Hilliker talk about Donald Trump portraying him as the only candidate actively opposed to the Black Lives Matter protesters. This is a highly flawed portrayal of events.
The author said that Republicans for the most part have tried to ignore the Black Lives movement except for Donald Trump. And Donald Trump really has been quite outspoken against this movement. (Robert Morley, 12:59-13:10.)
This Atlantic article gives some examples of just how he [Donald Trump] really seems to be... You said that he's the one candidate who's standing up to the Black Lives protesters and it's almost like he's using it as a rallying cry for his supporters. The fact that he is willing to stand up. (Joel Hilliker, 13:59-14:20.)
It makes a great story to simplify matters to portraying just one man as doing this or that. But that is not the way things really are. Furthermore this late in the election cycle there are simply fewer candidates running for the Republican nomination. Dramatic story. Terribly flawed and simple analysis.

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