Monday, March 7, 2016

PCG's Robert Morley Condemns "Disgusting" Black Lives Matter Movement

Pan-African flag.

In the March 4, 2016 broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Hour Joel Hilliker and Robert Morley discuss Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter protesters from 10:06 onward. This is done to scare monger that things are about to "explode" between them to insinuate that "race riots" will occur.

Joel Hilliker and Robert Morley discuss an article from The Atlantic to scare monger that things are about to get more violent. This is done to promote PCG's false prophecy of "race war" which will never come to pass.

Since the LA riots of 1992 PCG constantly tried to frighten white Americans by saying that African Americans are prophesied to launch a wave of riots against the white majority in the future.
Robert Morley: We have this movement that over the past eight years has been legitimized. A movement that frankly is quite disgusting. It's built on a lie. That the police are targeting black people to kill them which is totally wrong. Which is a total lie.

It's being validated by the highest level of office in our land. We have a President who's told black people that racism is in America's DNA. That society as a whole is institutionally racist and black people cannot get ahead because of racism. So we have this whole movement that is growing in momentum, it believes these things.

And now suddenly we have a potential Presidential candidate who is confronting that and telling them that no, that's a lie. And if I'm President, you know, I'm not going to put up with that kind of talk anymore.

So I think there is... Really we do have this potential here for something to be explosive.

Joel Hilliker: It's really building into something. Yeah, I think The Atlantic author, he's clearly anti-Trump, but he's showing the potential for this to really explode in a way that it really hasn't to this point. Because there is this growing anger and, boy. Considering as much as we have talked about the potential for race riots in the United States, we have been watching this building for quite some time, but it does seem to be coming closer and closer to a head. (Robert Morley and Joel Hilliker, 16:19-17:45.)
PCG has been waiting for this future wave of riots against the white majority to occur since 1992. Keep waiting, Hilliker and Morley. You will be waiting for a long time for this supported wave of riots against the white majority to occur because it will never happen.

The following is from a previous post discussing this racist false prophecy promoted by PCG.
They seem to imagine that this future mass wave of riots by African Americans against the white majority will occur everywhere at once within the United States somehow. (And Britain too by their ethnic minorities.) Considering how terrible this will supposedly be PCG's leaders are awfully vague about it.

But no such mass wave of riots against the white majority will ever happen. It will never happen. It is utterly absurd and impossible. Instead the disturbances that have occurred putters out and normalcy soon resumes. Instead of telling people that it is very unlikely that such a disturbance would occur in any one place and that in fact they dissipate very quickly PCG's leaders try to scare people into thinking "race riots" will get far worse. ...

Riots do not build up into some massive super riot that seems to magically occur everywhere in America as PCG's leadership seems to imagine. Riots generally tend to be spontaneous and generally are not well organized so of course they dissipate after a day, or a few days if it is really bad. They do not build up into some mega-riot that occurs everywhere at once. That is nonsense.

Quite likely the reason this future "race war" is portrayed as happening everywhere at once is to scare you with this implanted phobia. It can't scare you if you think it will happen somewhere else.
Shame on PCG for promoting such fearful nonsense when the American people deserve and need accurate analyses and discussions of these matters.


  1. The 1992 riots probably would not have happened had it not been for the proliferation of videocams. Also, it was not just African Americans who joined in on the looting and burning. At the time, many people of different ethnicities used the riots as an opportunity to burn out successful and industrious Asian business people whom they resented in the community.

    Nobody in their right minds would assert that black lives are expendable, and lets face it: The black community has for years endured being pulled over by police for the DWB violation (driving while black). There is still quite a bit of social injustice taking place around us. The additional accountability of requiring police officers to wear bodycams will probably defeat PCG's ignorant prophecy, and may even improve the quality of life for African-American citizens.

    The PCG is not the only group that detests the Black Lives Matter movement. I know some ultra right wing Tea Party types that take great exception to it as well.


  2. It is just so strange how PCG tries to make hay out of scare mongering against African Americans. No good can come from this.