Sunday, March 13, 2016

Arutz Sheva Columnist Preaches Fear of "Takeover" by Muslims in Europe

Arutz Sheva recently published an article that insinuated that Muslims are trying to "takeover" Europe.
Europeans do not see a future for themselves so have no reason to resist an Islamic takeover. ...

Europe is indifferent to its future. This indifference is clearly expressed in the low birth rate. Why do you choose to fight in a war? There are wars of plunder and pillage, but the goal of civilized nations is to go to war so that today’s generation can sacrifice itself to protect future generations. But if there are no future generations, there is no reason for today’s youth to die in war.

Today Europeans, to quote Franz Rosenzweig, “foresee a time when their land with its rivers and mountains still lies under heaven as it does today, but other people dwell there; when their language is entombed in books, and their laws and customs have lost their living power”. (March 9, 2016.)
There is not going to be a "takeover" by Muslims in Europe. There is no need to live in fear. The current refugee crisis is not colonization, it is a flight of desperate people trying to find safety.

Arutz Sheva is a far right media outlet in Israel that caters for national religious Israeli Jews. It is closely associated with the settlers. Its headquarters are in Beit El, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

Arutz Sheva is often quoted by PCG and to a somewhat lesser extent by UCG, LCG and RCG. It is never criticized by the COGs. The COGs trust Arutz Sheva. They have never bothered explaining to their readers the political stance Arutz Sheva tends to take.

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