Sunday, March 20, 2016

WorldNetDaily Writer Condemns HWA's WCG as a Cult

Banned by HWA had an amusing post noting that one WorldNetDaily columnist had condemned HWA's WCG as a cult.
Many of the Churches of God look to World Net Daily as their ONLY source of "real" news that is conservative in bent. 
Indeed the COGs do as a matter fact tend to quote WorldNetDaily. As far as I know they have never criticized WorldNetDaily or even bothered to mention in their writings that WorldNetDaily happens to be right wing. The COGs trust WorldNetDaily.

Here is the evidence of the COGs' trust in WorldNetDaily that was mentioned in previous posts.

UCG's Reliance on WorldNetDaily.

PCG's Reliance on WorldNetDaily.

PCG's Reliance on WorldNetDaily: Part 2.

LCG's Reliance on WorldNetDaily.

RCG Quoting WorldNetDaily.

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