Monday, March 7, 2016

Elad (City of David) Given $115 Million in 2006-13

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Elad (City of David) is a settler organization dedicated to filling up East Jerusalem with Israeli Jews. This is done despite the objections of the many Palestinians who already live there who wish to be part of a Palestinian state and view such moves as threatening this dream. Detractors have accused Elad of using archaeology as a pretext to justify filling up East Jerusalem with Israeli Jews. According to a 2010 National Geographic report the digs which PCG participates in are partly funded by Elad.

A recent Haaretz report states that between 2006-13 Elad has received the equivalent of $115 million. Some of the donors come from organizations located in tax havens so it is hard to know precisely where that money comes from.
These figures are enormous by Israeli NGO standards, so it is no surprise that Elad is one of Israel’s wealthiest nonprofits. According to its 2014 financial report, its assets were 286 million shekels [About $73 million in 2016 values] that year, with revenues of 59 million shekels. [About $15 million in 2016 values.] ...

In comparison, in 2014 the Association for Civil Rights in Israel raised 7.4 million shekels from private donors and foreign countries, the left-wing NGO Breaking the Silence raised less than 1.5 million shekels, Peace Now raised 2.8 million shekels and right-wing group Im Tirtzu raised 1.7 million shekels. (Uri Blau and Nir Hasson, Right-wing Israeli Group Elad Received Millions From Shadowy Private Donors, Haaretz, March 6, 2016.)
More information about Elad (City of David) may be seen in a previous post.

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