Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rupert Murdoch Hates WCG? (1978)

Rupert Murdoch is a media mogul originating from Australia. His corporation, News Corporation, is connected with many media outlets including Fox News, The Times of London, Wall Street Journal, etc. His media outlets are usually viewed as being right wing.

But back in 1978 WCG's Stanley Rader accused Rupert Murdoch of hating WCG. Rader said the following while promoting the concert series sponsored by WCG.
I think it was summed up very well by a publication that has never been friendly to us. It is owned by Mr. [Rupert] Murdoch. Mr. Murdoch is a very wealthy controversial publisher from Australia who hates the Worldwide Church of God, and he has blasted us in every form he owns in Australia; and in every form that he owns in England. But, lo and behold, New West magazine, which he also owns, took a whole page last September [1977] and dedicated it to us. And it said, "Two years ago no one ever heard of the Worldwide Church of God." And then they went on to say, "Now, not only does everybody know about the Worldwide Church of God because of the concert series, but now everybody wonders what they believe." (Stanley Rader, Good News, October 9, 1978, p. 4.)

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