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Sydney Hull's Years in WCG

At first LCG in South Africa was headed by Sydney Hull until 2005. Let us take a look at the life and activities of Sydney Hull while he was in WCG.

Sydney Hull was baptized into HWA's Radio Church of God in 1964.

Sydney Hull was mentioned in a 1970 letter by Robert Fahey describing his journey to South Africa.
They met Bill Whittaker and Syd Hull who were preparing the building for the meetings. They also met a number of our non-European brethren. They stood in the background neatly dressed, respectful of the Government Officials and our two European deacons. (Robert Fahey, Bulletin, December 15, 1970, p. 13.)
WCG minister Harold Jackson went on a baptizing tour through Africa from September 5 to November 7, 1971. Sydney Hull is mentioned in Jackson's recounting of this baptizing journey.
On the trip to Lesotho, I was accompanied by Mr. Sydney Hull, head of the mailing department of Ambassador College Agency in Johannesburg. He was reared in this country. We had a visit with the Minister of Education, and he told us about the country’s economic and commercial interests and its residential areas. (Harold Jackson, Good News, March-April 1972, p. 9.)

Services were shared by the ministers and assistants sent down from George, including Mr. Leon Walker, a pastor and faculty member from Bricket Wood, and Mr. Sydney Hull who is in charge of our mailing department in Johannesburg. (Harold Jackson, Good News, May-June 1972, p. 7.)
Jackson also mentioned how he was forced to endure racial discrimination while he was in South Africa. It is unfortunate that some WCG leaders and members appeared to have learned nothing from his words.

On September 30, 1974 Sydney Hull was ordained a local elder of WCG.
GEORGE, South Africa - Robert E. Fahey, director of the South African Work, headquarteres in Johannesburg, recently ordained John Bartholomew, Owen Willis and Sydney Hull as local elders of the Worldwide Church of God in South Africa. The ordinations took place here on the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles. Sept. 30. (Worldwide News, November 11, 1974, p. 12.)
This issue contains a little article by Sydney Hull mentioning claims by South Africa's Prime Minister that reforms regarding Apartheid would soon be made. Apartheid would continue to be maintained for years. (Worldwide News, November 25, 1974, p. 2.)

Sydney Hull's ordination was mentioned in the Bulletin.
[Ordinations in 1974:] SOUTH AFRICA
John Bartholomew
Owen Willis
Sydney Hull (Bulletin, December 3, 1974, p. 28.)
WCG began to translate some of their writings into Afrikaans. Sydney Hull contributed to this project.
Sydney Hull, local elder employed in the office here, contributed to making the Afrikaans lucid. He also prepared the course for printing. ...
Local elder Sydney Hull, left, and preaching elder Andre van Belkum discuss the new Afrikaans translation of the Ambassador College Correspondence Course in the Work's Johannesburg. South Africa, office. One thousand six hundred thirty-four were taking the Afrikaans course as of Dec. 1. Afrikaans, derived from Dutch, is spoken by 67 percent of the whites in South Africa. (Worldwide News, January 6, 1975, p. 6.)
This issue of WCG's Plain Truth features a little article Sydney Hull mentioning that South African trade with Europe had increased. (Plain Truth, June 1975, p. 6.)

A social outing was held in Soweto on July 28, 1975.
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - The church at Soweto on July 28 held its first social outing here, beginning at 10:30 a.m. with volley ball. The group, which had never played volleyball, was coached by minister Sydney Hull. (Worldwide News, October 3, 1975, p. 14.)
Just one year later South African police would violently try to suppress popular anti-Apartheid protests in Soweto shooting dead at least 176 people. Some estimates suspect the actual death toll may have been as high as 700. The black majority yearned for freedom from racial Apartheid that was imposed upon them by a white minority.

This issue of Worldwide News mentions that Syndey Hull once anointed a WCG member in South Africa.
After wrestling with the dilemma of what to do, [a WCG lay member] decided to be anointed and trust God for the answer. Local elder Syd Hull anointed him, and he said he slept "far easier" that night. (Worldwide News, January 17, 1977, p. 7.)
WCG has a long and shameful history of promoting anti-medicine superstitions.

On July 31, 1977 a former South African diplomat gave a speech to "the Johannesburg and Pretoria black Spokesmen clubs" to insist that comparisons between the black majority's struggle to end Apartheid is not like the African Americans' movement to end racial segregation in the United States.
John Barrat, above, South African diplomat, addresses the Johannesburg and Pretoria black Spokesmen clubs. Below are Robert Fahey, diroctor of the African work; Maxwell Pono, Johannesburg Spokesman president; Mr. Barrat; Simon Ramodike, Pretoria Spokesman president; and Sydney Hull, Johannesburg club president. (Worldwide News, September 12, 1977, p. 4.)
A racially integrated ladies night was held in Johannesburg on November 19, 1977.
Johannesburg A Club President Fred Schorr, right, and his B Club counterpart, Maxwell Pono, center, talk with local elder and B Club director Sydney Hull over a glass of sherry at the final ladies' night Nov. 19. (Worldwide News, January 16, 1978, p. 13.)
On April 7-9, 1978 Sydney Hull visited Lesotho. In one meeting cabinet ministers of Lesotho attended.
Syd Hull, minister in Johannesburg, South Africa, visited the country of Lesotho April 7 to 9. He describes his trip in this report. (Good News, June 19, 1978, p. 7.)
Sydney Hull gave a sermon at the Feast of Tabernacles in Sonesta in 1978.
SONESTA, South Africa - The Sonesta holiday resort, about 72 miles from Cape Town on the western seaboard of South Africa, was the site for 217 brethren observing the Feast.
Herbert Armstrong's films provided a most auspicious start and this high note was maintained throughout the Feast. Sermons delivered by speakers such as Dr. Roy McCarthy, Bill Whitaker and Sydney Hull focused constantly on the theme of this Festival: the Kingdom of God.
A spirit of unity and love as well as the presence of God was strongly felt here. Sydney Hull. (Worldwide News, November 6, 1978, p. 13.)
The following local elders in South Africa are mentioned below.
Local Elders ... Sydney J. Hull, Johannesburg (European and Non-European), South Africa; David Hulme, Johannesburg, South Africa; (Good News, December 18, 1978, p. 9.)
In 1981 Sydney Hull ministered over the WCG Feast site in Mauritius.
There will be a Feast site in Mauritius in the Blackwater region. where the brethren can stay at one hotel. Syd Hull, pastor of the Bloemfontein, South Africa, church. along with his wife Dot, will conduct the Feast there. (Rod Matthews, Worldwide News, August 10, 1981, p. 12.)
BLACK RIVER BAY. Mauritius - Sixty-three brethren attended Festival services at the Black River Bay Hotel Club on the southwest side of this Indian Ocean island. Feastgoers were blessed with fine weather during the entire Feast, contributing to its success. Minister Sydney Hull's sermons included the meaning of the Feast, our calling being the greatest miracle in life and the world tomorrow. (Worldwide News, November 16, 1981, p. 10.)
During 1980 and 1981 ministers from South Africa traveled to Mauritius to conduct the Feast of Tabernacles. In 1981, 63 people attended, with Sydney Hull from the Bloemfontein church officiating. (Good News, January 1982, p. 15.)
In 1982 Sydney Hull officiated over the Feast held in Sonesta.
SONESTA. South Africa - Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong's opening night message on 16-mm. film was the high point for 258 brethren attending the 1982 Festival here. ... Sydney Hull talked about members' spiritual marathon and encouraged brethren not to deviate from God's way; (Worldwide News, November 1, 1982, p. 5.)
On July 9, 1983 Sydney Hull took part in organizing a ladies night in Welkom.
Seventy members and guests of the BLOEMFONTEIN, AND KLERKSDORP, South Africa, Spokesman Clubs attended a ladies' night July 9 in Welkom, South Africa. ... Director Sydney Hull made closing remarks and gave a lecture. (Worldwide News, August 22, 1983, p. 8.)
In 1983-4 his remarks were published three times in issues of the Pastor General's report.
BLOEMFONTEIN-KLERKSDORP, SOUTH AFRICA--SYDNEY HULL: The brethren are standing strong and united in backing up God's Apostle in finishing the Work. PT newsstand distribution in the Bloemfontein-Klerksdorp area has averaged 11,250 copies per month for the past twelve months. We're thankful for Mr. Armstrong's tapes and videos and for the fine response to our advertisement in READER'S DIGEST. (Pastor General's Report, August 26, 1983, p. 3.)
KLERKSDORP, SOUTH AFRICA--SYDNEY HULL: Working with youngsters in God's Church is producing good fruit thanks to the knowledge and understanding received through God's Apostle and from Headquarters. PM activity in this area is very evident. (Pastor General's Report, July 13, 1984, p. 2.)

BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA--SYDNEY HULL: Slow but steady growth is being maintained in this area. Pressure from other churches against our PLAIN TRUTH newsstand effort is increasing. That is a sign that God's work is being done! (Pastor General's Report, September 14, 1984, p. 3.)
In the 1985 Feast of Tabernacles Sydney Hull spoke at the feasts in Livingstone, Zambia and Mutare, Zimbabwe.
A record 77 brethren celebrated a Feast of unity, giving, sharing and joyful fellowship in Livingstone on the Zambezi River. Temperatures were 35 to 40 degrees Celsius (95 to 104 degrees - Fahrenheit). Brethren appreciated cool breezes off the Zambezi and the air-conditioned hall and hotels. Fervent prayer made it possible to have a television set (hard to find in Zambia) for all video messages. Sydney Hull, pastor of the Bloemfontein and Klerksdorp, South Africa, churches, was a guest speaker . Brethren gave record Holy Day offerings. ...
Four hundred ninety-eight brethren kept the Feast in Mutare under blue skies with breezes and temperatures in the 70s Fahrenheit (21 to 26 degrees Celsius) ... Mr. Hull and John White, pastor of the Pretoria and Pietersburg, South Africa, churches, coordinated their messages, emphasizing the brethren's commitment to their calling as teachers. (Good News, November 4, 1985, p. 9.)
On January 16, 1986 HWA died and was succeeded by Joseph Tkach, Sr.

On February 24, 1987 Sydney Hull was ordained a preaching elder of WCG.
PASADENA - Church Administration released the following ordinations: Andre van Belkum, pastor of the Cape Town, South Africa, church, was raised in rank from preaching elder to pastor Feb. 24. ... Sydney Hull, pastor of the Johannesburg West and Klerksdorp, South Africa, churches; Robert Klynsmitb, pastor of the Bloemfontein, South Africa, church; Petros Manzingana, pastor of the Soweto, South Africa, church; and William Whitaker, pastor of the Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, churches; were raised in rank from local elder to preaching elder Feb. 24. (Worldwide News, April 6, 1987, p. 8.)
On September 14, 1990 Sydney Hull was interviewed by Jeff Zhorne for WCG's Worldwide News. He discussed the violence between rival factions in South Africa.

One factor fueling the violence that was not mentioned in this article is that the Apartheid regime helped create this rivalry by choosing to favor some black South Africans over others and that contributed to the severe clashes at this time. (See Israel and South Africa, Chapter 6.)
"During these nights of terror and stress God's people switch off all lights and remain quietly in their homes, praying that the danger will pass them by," said Sydney Hull, pastor of the Johannesburg West and Klerksdorp, South Africa, churches. ...
Mr. Hull told The Worldwide News Sept. 14 that a member and his family from Natalspruit near Alberton had fled their home the day before because of dangerous rampaging youths. "The mob had come to force him to join them in fighting, killing, arson and looting," said Mr. Hull. He was not home when the militant youngsters arrived. ...
Violent, uncontrollable mobs go from house to house, forcing residents to march with them on killing rampages. "When people refuse to join them, their houses are burned down and they are sometimes hacked to death," said Mr. Hull. "Mercy simply does not exist." ...
"It happens that one of the fundamental causes of this black-on-black violence in South Africa is the intense conflict between the African National Congress (ANC), led by Nelson Mandela, and the Zulu Inkatha movement under Chief [Mangosuthu Gatsha] Buthelezi," Mr. Hull explained. (Jeff Zhorne, Brethren look to God for protection in Africa, Worldwide News, September 24, 1990, pp. 1, 3.)
On June 30, 1991 a singles day was held in the Johannesburg West congregation.
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa-For the Johannesburg West church, the Sabbath of June 30 was Single Day. Each single member was given a task to do, such as setting up the hall, arranging flowers, greeting people at the door, songleading or playing the piano. ... Sydney Hull, pastor of the Johannesburg West and Klerksdorp churches, gave a sermon on dating. (Worldwide News, September 2, 1991, p. 12.)
As the Tkach changes got underway a regional ministerial conference was held on May 8-12, 1994.
The African conference took place at Kwa-Maritane ("Place of the Rock"), a hotel near the Pilansberg Game Park, north of Pretoria, May 8 to 12, for 58 ministers and wives from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. ...
Sydney Hull commented: "Dr. Stavrinides was just what was need- ed at the conference. My understanding increased as the presentation progressed. Mr. Dick's presentation on the great commission filled me with a keen desire to get going in carrying out Mr. Tkach's direction in fulfilling Matthew 28: 19-20. This will give God's Church a new vision, a new and much needed impetus." (Worldwide News, May 31, 1994, p. 5.)
Afterwards Sydney Hull left WCG to join Roderick Meredith's Global Church of God. After the split of 1998 he joined LCG. At one time he was the leader of LCG in South Africa. Then he switched allegiance to RCG before going back to LCG but he was only allowed to return as a laymember. He passed away on March 13, 2011.

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