Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Introducing Dennis Leap's Radio Show for PCG

PCG's radio station, KPCG, has launched a new radio show hosted by Dennis Leap. It is entitled "Just the Best Literature." Dennis Leap was an early collaborator with Gerald Flurry in establishing PCG. He even helped write some of Gerald Flurry's writings in the early days of PCG. Most of the credits given to him in the early PCG booklets has since been removed. He is the father-in-law of Brad MacDonald.

The first broadcast (March 8, 2016) features Dennis Leap complaining that teenagers are constantly looking at a computer screen and not reading books. He mentions that he used to work for libraries and archival work.

He interviews Leanne Brandon and her son James Brandon. Both of them teach at PCG's Imperial Academy. It is mentioned that James Brandon was home schooled. They talk about trying to get children interested in reading.

Leanne Brandon is the daughter of the late Ron Fraser (1941-2013), a prominent leader of PCG. The Brandons were mentioned in a previous post.
There is one Roger Brandon who works for PCG. A 2011 article mentioned that he was a "facilities manager" at PCG's unaccredited "college". He has also written articles for PCG. He also wrote an article that idealistically describes HWA's family life.

Leanne Brandon later worked as a teacher for PCG's Imperial Academy.

I cannot quite confirm at present that they are Roger and Leanne Brandon's children but it can be mentioned that there one James Brandon who has written for PCG since 2012 (as may be seen here and here) and there is one Jessica Brandon who has written for PCG since 2014.
Thanks to this radio broadcast I can now confirm that indeed James Brandon is Leanne Brandon's son.

Dennis Leap ended the broadcast by encouraging listeners to read The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway (1952) to discuss it in the next broadcast.

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