Friday, March 25, 2016

PCG: Romans Created the Sahara Desert

 In PCG's bizarre history of the world Romans created the Sahara Desert.
Carthage allowed Rome to rise in power and did not react with force against its sudden challenges. A series of violent wars broke out, but it was too little too late. Rome conquered Carthage: It cut down the vast forests of North Africa, creating the Sahara desert; it burned the capital city to the ground, leaving it in ashes; and it salted the once fertile plains, rendering them useless. Rome left Carthage in utter desolation. That is the consequence of inaction. (Abraham Blondeau, Just What Is the Obama Doctrine?, March 22, 2016.)
What an ignorant and absurd thing to say.


  1. You would think they would have started their "research" by typing "What caused Sahara Desert?" into their bloggers. Many factors come up, none of which involve Roman soldiers or Carthage.

    Voice of experience to all the school age kids in PCG: Don't repeat what you hear at church in science or history class! You'll enjoy a much better relationship with your peers if what happens at church stays at church. It took me up until just before 11th grade to discover that lesson of life.


  2. I guess it shows how much work and research goes into their writings.

  3. I learned that too: Don't repeat publicly anything any of the ministers say or you are sure to be embarrassed or even censured. And sometimes it's not just junk, sometimes it's toxic stuff, like sexism and racism, that could get you into real trouble.

    Become a person that does research and checks out absolutely every last little thing that Armstrongists say, so you can replace the crap with facts for your own thinking processes and anything that you may say or write.