Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ron Fraser and Leon Uris' Exodus

PCG's Ron Fraser twice mentioned the 1958 novel Exodus by Leon Uris while discussing the State of Israel, a novel that described the establishment of the State of Israel. 
Thus, the nation of Israel generally gained a fair hearing in the eyes of an earlier generation of journalists familiar with its interwar and immediate postwar history. In fact, world opinion regarding Israel was so high that it readily embraced the best-selling historical novels of Leon Uris documenting the trials and tribulations of the exodus of much of Jewry from persecution in Russia and Europe to establish a new homeland in Palestine, surrounded by the Islamic enemy. (Ron Fraser, From Hero to Outcast, May 2006.)
The sabras were either the children of the refugee camps that followed in the wake of World War II, or the children of migrant parents who fled their former lands of persecution to found a new, modern nation on the ancient foundations of the old. They were celebrated in the massively popular bestseller of the time, Leon Uris’s Exodus. (Ron Fraser, Israel's Lost Generation, October 13, 2008.)
This raises an intriguing question: Is this why Ron Fraser supported the State of Israel? Because he was impressed with a 1958 historical novel that he (may have) read?

Of course it is not possible for me to know if he actually read it since he was not that specific. But the novel certainly had an effect on him since he mentioned it twice to his readers.

(Ron Fraser makes no allusion to the 1960 movie.)

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